Kirsten Dunst, the actress who did not go through the hoop of being ‘the ideal woman’

Since she debuted as an actress when she was just seven years old, Kirsten Dunst you have been hearing from producers, filmmakers and the general public that something is wrong. His physique, his relationship with the media or his professional path have been questioned or censored by a system that was always met with the … Read more

Kirsten Dunst turns 38: Seven stellar performances of the interpreter on the big screen | PHOTOS | VIU

With more than 30 years of career and more than 50 films on her curriculum, Kirsten Dunst has been crowned as one of the most outstanding actresses in Hollywood, this thanks to the fact that we have seen her grow in front of the cameras, managing to evolve interpretation after interpretation. His incredible career has … Read more

Kirsten Dunst announces that she is expecting her second child with Jesse Plemons

Kirsten Dunst, 39, has announced that she is pregnant with her second child. And he has done it in a very artistic way: with a spectacular photo session directed by the filmmaker Sofia Coppola, a great friend of hers, for the magazine W Magazine. The actress will give birth to her second baby with her … Read more