“Welcome to Earth” Screens at NYCC, Promising Magic to Rival That of “Harry Potter”

Which celebrity makes you think of Harry Potter? No cheating – you can’t pick someone associated with the franchise. Before Thursday, I would probably have named Ed Sheeran. He’s an obvious choice, being Rupert Grint’s doppelgänger and all. After my first day of virtual attendance at New York Comic Con, my answer has changed dramatically. … Read more

Black Widow Explains How Inhumans Could Already Exist On The MCU’s Earth

Black Widow provides an explanation for how Inhumans could already be on Earth in the MCU despite them not being referenced before Phase 4. The Marvel Cinematic Universe explains how Inhumans could already be on Earth thanks to Black Widow. As the first movie in Phase 4, Black Widow‘s importance to the MCU’s future was … Read more

Octavia Spencer’s “Earth Wind And Fire” Scene in ‘Ma’ Belongs in the Horror Movie Hall of Fame

Academy award-wining actress Octavia Spencer has delivered many outstanding performances over the years. She’s made audiences cry over their importance in The Help, she’s shattered racial stereotypes in Hidden Figures, and she helped Sally Hawkins hook up with a fish in The Shape of Water. But I’m not here to talk about any of those … Read more

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Director Reminds Fans Why Star-Lord Hates Earth

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord is a Terran — but he doesn’t see Earth as his home. In Avengers: Infinity War (2018) Peter Quill tells Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), “I’m not from Earth, I’m from Missouri.” While the quip was seemingly played for laughs, the line is revealing — letting audiences … Read more

I Know This Much Is True | Mark Ruffalo and his call to care for ‘Mother Earth’ | nczg | SKIP-ENTER

According to the criteria of Know more The actor’s speech Mark Ruffalo upon receiving the Golden Globes for best actor for his participation in the miniseries The undeniable truth, marked one of the most talked about moments of the ceremony. As it was broadcast virtually, all the nominees lived the ceremony in their homes, which … Read more

James Gunn Addresses Star-Lord Ever Returning To Earth Again

James Gunn is currently in the final stretch of pre-production on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, with cameras set to start rolling before the end of the year. The filmmaker has confirmed that it’ll be his last time directing a movie starring the motley crew of thieves, petty criminals and now universe-saving heroes, while … Read more

What are and how are the Earth signs. We tell you everything

Astrology divides the 12 zodiacal signs into four elements (fire, earth, air and water). Depending on what element you are and where your sun, moon and ascendant are positioned, you can discover special characteristics that are manifested in your personality, your way of seeing life, the way you relate to others, among many other things. … Read more

Explore The Untamed Planet And The Artic Winter With BBC Earth

This month, take a ride with BBC Earth as the channel brings audiences on an excursion into uncharted territories around the world, with unique nature documentaries. First, explore new horizons in Eden: Untamed Planet. Narrated by the talented, award-winning actress Helena Bonham Carter, this six-part series features Earth’s last remaining lands unscathed by human interference … Read more

SpaceX tourists interact with actor Tom Cruise while orbiting the Earth, give update on space flight

The craft, which blasted off from Florida on 15 September is scheduled to end its three-day voyage with a splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean at 4.06 pm Pacific time (2306 GMT) on Saturday, 18 September Representational image. Fortune Four space tourists who were orbiting the Earth in a SpaceX capsule spoke to Hollywood star Tom … Read more