10 Best Animated Halloween Episodes On TV, According to IMDb

When it comes to Halloweentime, many people flock to their favorite horror and scary movies to kick off the spooky season. However, not everyone likes to be scared, which leaves many people wondering how they can celebrate the holiday. Thankfully, several TV shows over the years have made some great but non-scary Halloween-themed episodes. RELATED: 10 Best ’90s … Read more

all episodes of the Marvel series ordered from worst to best

About two months is what we’ve been through, every Wednesday, traveling the multiverse who has proposed to us ‘What if …?’ (‘What If …?’) Marvel’s animated series that, while promising a lot, has lagged somewhat behind expectations. Even so, I admit that I have enjoyed a lot with a first season of Disney + fiction … Read more

Giri / Haji, will it have season 2 on Netflix? | Duty / Shame | Duty / Shame | New episodes nnda nnlt | TVMAS

“Giri / Hajj (“Duty / Shame”In English) is a British series that follows Kenzo Mori, a Tokyo detective who travels to London to search for his brother, allegedly deceased, who was accused of brutally murdering the nephew of a member of the Yakuza gang, threatening with unleashing a war. During his investigation he meets the … Read more

Tom Cruise turns 59: the outstanding episodes in the actor’s career | PHOTOS | USA | “Top Gun” | “Mission Impossible” | ANSWERS

1 from 15 Tom Cruise The actor with the wide smile celebrates one more year of life this July 3. The protagonist of the “Mission Impossible” saga began acting in 1981. (Photos: Paramount Pictures / Composition) 2 from 15 Coming from a low-income family and separated parents, the 59-year-old actor went through more than 15 … Read more

The 10 best episodes of “How I met your mother”, according to IMDb | OFF SIDE

“How I met your mother” he stole the affection of the public throughout his nine seasons. The series was removed from the Netflix catalog in April 2017, but is back to streaming thanks to the Amazon Prime platform. SIGHT: Why was the blue horn one of the problems at the end of How I Met … Read more

‘Ozark’: First images, more episodes, release date, new faces and everything we know about season 4 – Series News

The fourth installment of fiction starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney will put the finishing touch. Ozark returns to “life” a year and a half after the premiere of its third season. Last Saturday September 25 took place the first Netflix TUDUM, a macro fan event where the streaming giant has revealed succulent news about … Read more

Series: Review of “The Mosquito Coast: Episodes 1-3” by Neil Cross (Apple TV +)

Posted 40 years ago, THE COAST OF THE MOSQUITOS It was written by the novelist Paul Theroux as a sort of claim / crusade against the excessive consumerism of North American culture disguised as a dangerous adventure story. Taken to the cinema in 1986 in a magnificent film directed by Peter Weir and starring Harrison … Read more

Friends: 10 episodes that turn unexpectedly emotional

For 10 years, Friends was synonymous with high-end comedy. Often marketed as NBC’s “must see television” flagship show, Friends he constantly entertained audiences with witty lines, great physical comedy, and various ways to make Joey increasingly clueless. While audiences may wipe a tear from a well-deserved laugh, the series often veers toward more dramatic storylines … Read more

Friends: 10 Episodes That Unexpectedly Get Emotional

For 10 years, Friends was synonymous with top-tier comedy. Often marketed as the flagship program for NBC’s “must-see TV,” Friends would consistently entertain audiences with quippy one-liners, great physical comedy, and various ways to make Joey more and more clueless. While audiences might wipe a tear away from a well-deserved belly laugh, oftentimes the show would … Read more

Why does ‘Mythic Quest’ connect its endings with the special episodes? Its creator tells us

Related news Mythic Quest has fired its season 2 on Apple TV + with laughs and a final scene that reminds us why we love the series created by Rob McElhenney, Megan Ganz and Charlie Day so much. On the connection of that last scene with the special episode of this installment and the keys … Read more