Robin Williams’ widow explains the ‘misunderstandings’ generated around the actor’s death

It has been almost seven years since Robin Williams decided to take his life that August 11, 2014However, very few have forgotten that actor who made us laugh playing ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ or gave us the creeps giving life to Professor John Keating in Dead poets society. The interpreter’s autopsy revealed that he was in the … Read more

Eternals Explains Why The MCU Dropped Thanos’ Origin Story

In 2018, Marvel fans learned Thanos’ origin story would be told in an official tie-in novel – but Eternals explains why that was branded non-canon. Marvel’s Eternals explains why the MCU dropped Thanos’ MCU origin story. Back in 2018, lovers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe were excited to learn Thanos’ MCU origin story would be … Read more

Umpire Gabe Morales explains Wilmer Flores strikeout call: ‘I thought he went’

First-base umpire Gabe Morales came under fire Thursday night for calling San Francisco Giants batter Wilmer Flores out after it appeared he had checked his swing. After the Los Angeles Dodgers solidified the victory over the Giants in Game 5 of the National League Division Series, Morales explained what he saw. CLICK HERE FOR MORE … Read more

The Matrix: Resurrections | Yahya Abdul-Mateen explains what his version of Morpheus will be like

The Matrix: Resurrections | Yahya Abdul-Mateen explains what his version of Morpheus will be like The Matrix: Resurrections is expected to be one of the biggest releases of the year and to become one of the strongest titles to support a return to the movies. The late sequel, directed this time only by Lana Wachowski, … Read more

the director explains why Neo and Trinity are resurrected – nonenglishfeed

Director Lana Wachowski explained why you brought it back neo (Keanu Reeves) y Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) a ‘Resurrections’. Although the main couple of the franchise died in ‘Revolutions’ (2003), with the “Chosen One” carried away by the machines at the end, the new movie trailer shows double life normally in a Matrix rebooted. However, both … Read more

Action Comics Writer Explains the Problem With Henry Cavill’s Superman

Action Comics writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson explains why he prefers Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of Superman to Henry Cavill’s version of the hero. Action Comics writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson recently explained why he’s not a fan of Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman, and why he prefers Christopher Reeve’s take on the Man of Steel. “I have … Read more

Upcoming ‘Blade’ Director Explains Why the Original Is Crucial

Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali was selected by Marvel to star in the upcoming adaptation of Blade by Marvel Studios. However, the director of the new adaptation spoke about how the legacy of the original film starring Wesley Snipes is crucial to the new film’s development. Credit: Bassam Tariq official Instagram/ @Curry_Crayola Marvel Cinematic Universe … Read more

Marvel’s What If…? writer explains why the Gamora and Iron Man episode was pushed to season 2

The season one finale of Marvel’s What If…? brought together the stars of the first eight episodes as the Guardians of the Multiverse, although the team did include one new face in Gamora, who as we glimpsed at the beginning of the episode plucked from the planet Sakaar where she was seen alongside Tony Stark … Read more

Black Widow Explains How Inhumans Could Already Exist On The MCU’s Earth

Black Widow provides an explanation for how Inhumans could already be on Earth in the MCU despite them not being referenced before Phase 4. The Marvel Cinematic Universe explains how Inhumans could already be on Earth thanks to Black Widow. As the first movie in Phase 4, Black Widow‘s importance to the MCU’s future was … Read more

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