Again, the Divine: Federica Pellegrini is the protagonist of Sportweek

Again the Divine Federica Pellegrini is the protagonist of Sportweek

Today a long interview in our magazine on the occasion of his last race in Riccione. And then Vlahovic, Giuseppe Rossi and much more … The Sportweek cover record belongs to Federica Pellegrini. On the occasion of his farewell to swimming, at the age of 33, we couldn’t not dedicate another one to him, that … Read more

Federica, and now? From marriage to TV, the future is as … manager

Federica and now From marriage to TV the future is

Federica’s post career has already been defined since 4 August, when she was elected a member of the IOC as athletes’ representative. But there will also be much more From our correspondent Stefano Arcobelli November 30 – Riccione A date that extends Divina’s career out of the water, traces another slice of the future to … Read more