Goggia receives the flag from Mattarella: “I’m here also thanks to his phone call”

Goggia receives the flag from Mattarella Im here also thanks

At the Quirinale the President of the Republic awarded the Italian flag to the Italian skier and the Paralympic Bertagnolli: “This year we have denied the cliché that Italians are undisciplined, we have been creative and we have won. Now continue to go beyond your limits” It was a particular ceremony that took place this … Read more

Goggia: “I remain restless and go full throttle. And Italy will carry the flag with me”

Goggia I remain restless and go full throttle And Italy

Sofia freewheeling between the role of standard-bearer at the Games and the season that begins: “Nobody keeps their foot down like I do” Simone Battaggia October 23 – Milano It is the perfect link. Sofia Goggia, Olympic gold medalist in PyeongChang 2018 in descent, protagonist with Michela Moioli of the speech that pushed the 2026 … Read more