Combing the cosmos: New color catalog aids hunt for life on frozen worlds

Journal Reference: Lígia F. Coelho, Jack Madden, Lisa Kaltenegger, Stephen Zinder, William Philpot, M. Glória Esquível, João Canário, Rodrigo Costa, Warwick F. Vincent, Zita Martins. Color Catalogue of Life in Ice: Surface Biosignatures on Icy Worlds. Astrobiology, 2021; DOI: 10.1089/ast.2021.0008 As ground-based and space telescopes get larger and can probe the atmosphere of rocky exoplanets, … Read more

Chelsea credit cards frozen by Barclays over Abramovich sanctions – Reuters News in France and abroad

Chelsea’s ability to function day-to-day was further complicated on Friday after Barclays temporarily froze the club’s credit cards, sources have told ESPN. The news, which was first reported by the Timescomes after the club’s assets were frozen on Thursday following UK government sanctions against owner Roman Abramovich The Blues have been given a license to … Read more