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What dream did i have Dwayne Johnson? The story of “La Roca” is one of the most exciting because of how he managed to overcome obstacles. There was a time when he ended up with seven dollars in his wallet and nothing else ahead of him. But he did not give up until he became … Read more

Learn about the ritual that led Gina Rodriguez and her sisters to fulfill their dreams

Receiving his Golden Globe for his performance in the hit Jane the Virgin, Gina rodriguez attributed his success to his family. But what was he referring to, exactly? Now we know, after, together with his sisters, Ivelisse and Rebecca, declared to the magazine Time that they owed their success to their father, Gino Rodriguez. According … Read more

How Danai Gurira had to leave Michonne and ‘the Walking Dead’ behind to fulfill her life’s dream

The actress will stop playing the charismatic character in the current tenth season of the series but, after knowing her motivations, you will be looking forward to it. AMC Yes, the second half of the tenth season of The Walking Dead will tackle the war against the Whisperers and promises to be really intense, but … Read more