“The culprit” comes to Netflix: Will it be another Hollywood ‘remake’ that no one asked for? | Jake Gyllenhaal | Nic Pizzolatto | Antoine Fuqua | LIGHTS

According to the criteria of Know more The Danish “The Guilty” (“The guilty”) is one of those formal and narrative exercises that from time to time refresh the cinema. A suspenseful ‘Thriller’ that tells the story of a kidnapping, but remains locked in a police station throughout its entire length. In this claustrophobic and cold … Read more

Festivals / Premieres: Review of “The Guilty One”, by Antoine Fuqua (Toronto / Netflix)

Released three years ago, THE BLAME is a Danish film that attracted a lot of attention and surprised by the extraordinary drama that it created only from a person talking on the phone. It is true that this person was a troubled policeman who worked answering emergency calls and coming across a particularly complex case, … Read more

The Guilty (2021) de Antoine Fuqua

Review of “The Guilty” with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ethan Hawke, directed by Antoine Fuqua. Just three years after the taut low-budget Danish thriller The GuiltyGustav Möller’s Antoine Fuqua directs this brilliant American remake, leveraging his action sensibilities to squeeze a significant amount of tension out of its narrowly focused premise. The film, which takes place … Read more