The connections of ‘Gambit de dama’ with Heath Ledger or ‘Love Actually’ and other curiosities of the series of the moment

The Netflix miniseries, Lady’s Gambit, is on its way to becoming the phenomenon of the year after the platform confirmed that it is the most watched miniseries in its history. Behind the series that tells the story of Beth Harmon, a child chess prodigy who fights her own ghosts, there are many curiosities that we … Read more

Anya Taylor-Joy reveals ‘Lady’s Gambit’ caused chronic stress

At 25 years old Anya Taylor-Joy has become one of the most sought-after actresses of the moment thanks to the overwhelming success that the series reaped worldwide Lady’s gambit, in which she played the main character. Despite having previously participated in titles such as The Witch or in the popular Peaky Blinders Along with Cillian … Read more

Thomas Brodie-Sangster: Fashion Lessons from the “Benny Watts” in Lady’s Gambit

Many identify Thomas Brodie-Sangster for his most recent role in the acclaimed limited series Lady’s Gambit, Interpreting Benny Watts, However, the young actor already has a long career in both England and the United States, being one of the best actors of his generation. From Doctor Who until Maze Runner, And till Game of Thrones, … Read more

Anya Taylor-Joy: PHOTOS of her new hairstyle for the David O Russell movie that is very different from the Lady’s Gambit | Spoiler

The 2020 of Anya Taylor-Joy was very successful and managed to catapult her young career even more, although she was already recognized for her participation in ‘The Witch’ (2015) and ‘Fragmented’ (2017). A new stage began in his career when he decided to take the leading role of ‘Lady’s Gambit’, the largest miniseries in the … Read more

Lady’s Gambit | Chess | Deysi Cori and why chess has become a boom in Peru in schools, parks and homes | netflix | anya taylor joy | school chess tournament | jorge cori | ec stories | aptz | ARE

According to the criteria of Know more Sixteen years ago, when I was still a child, Deysi Cori (28) he beat me playing Chess. Me and a score of adolescent fans of “science sports” who had arrived at the Olaya passage, in Miraflores, to play against her in a simultaneous game. Like in the Netflix … Read more

‘Lady’s Gambit’ and ‘the Mandalorian’ gain lead at 2021 Emmys after sweeping creative categories

Alicia P. Ferreiros –TV Series Managing Editor / Periodista Series lover and a great fan of terror, science fiction, black crime and ‘true crime’. The awards ceremony will be held on September 19 and will be broadcast live at dawn in Spain by Movistar +. The gala of the 73rd edition of the Emmy Awards … Read more