Sparco, from Formula 1 to gaming: this is the future vision

Sparco from Formula 1 to gaming this is the future

The number one of the Piedmontese company Aldino Bellazzini details the strategy put in place to continue growing in Italy and abroad. “In addition to motorsport, we focus on safety shoes, carbon seats for supercars and the world of ‘gaming’. Despite the pandemic, the turnover is growing “ Giulio Masperi January 30 – Milano “The … Read more

Giochi Pokémon: ogni gioco Pokémon dal migliore al peggiore – eSports & Gaming

Giochi Pokemon ogni gioco Pokemon dal migliore al peggiore

19 giochi Pokémon, un solo vincitore: quale sarà il migliore di tutti i tempi? Scopritelo in questa classifica pre-Leggende Pokémon: Arceus. Pokémon è una delle serie più amate nella storia dei videogiochi, e lo è per tante buone ragioni. Al di là del fatto che tutti, e persino le loro nonne, sanno quale Pokémon dica … Read more

The best 100 Japanese video games ever – eSports & Gaming

The best 100 Japanese video games ever eSports

A survey conducted by TV Asahi named the top 100 video games produced in Japan, and it’s a two-way domain between Nintendo and Square Enix. A broadcast that aired this week elected the best 100 Japanese video games ever, based on the results of a poll held among its viewers. The show’s poll, broadcast on … Read more

PlayStation Plus, January 2022 games revealed – eSports & Gaming

PlayStation Plus January 2022 games revealed eSports Gaming

After last week’s leak comes the official confirmation from Sony: here are the three titles included on PlayStation Plus from next month. Three new “free” games are coming up Playstation plus in January 2022 and, after the leak from a now very reliable source last week, the official status arrived. The games provided by Sony … Read more

The 10 worst movies based on video games – eSports & Gaming

The 10 worst movies based on video games eSports

In recent years, the relationship between gaming and cinema or TV series has improved, but how many empty laps has it done … Here are the worst. Video games and cinema they both have the ability to depict fantasy worlds and transport the minds of the users to them. Each medium has their own storytelling … Read more

Migliori FPS: i 15 migliori sparatutto mai fatti – eSports & Gaming

Migliori FPS i 15 migliori sparatutto mai fatti eSports

La classifica dei migliori FPS mai realizzati, che comprende i single-player e i multiplayer competitivi, le storie e le sfide online che sono rimaste nel vostro cuore. Una volta erano veicolo di innovazione tecnologica, poi sono diventati il mezzo preferito di tutti per raccontare. Quando Internet ha cominciato a prendere piede, gli sparatutto erano lì … Read more

E-Sports: How the new gaming mecca is to be created in Berlin

The offices of the new e-sports club Eintracht Spandau are still a bare complex. A bare concrete floor, in many places the walls are still unplastered. And it is precisely in this unfinished structure that Johannes Gorzel confidently says: “In our eyes, the topic of e-sports in Germany must be advanced.” Goerzel is the club’s … Read more