Richard Gere Didn’t Want to Force Romance with Cindy Crawford but She Gave Him an Ultimatum – nonenglishfeed

Cindy Crawford’s career has been nothing short of incredible, but her personal life has featured some dramatic moments, such as her hurried 1992 wedding to actor Richard Gere. Here is a bit about their whirlwind romance. Cindy Crawford was the beauty of the ’90s. Aside from gracing several magazine covers and runaways, the model appeared … Read more

The head armorer of ‘Rust’ once gave an 11-year-old actress a gun without checking it properly, The Daily Beast reports – nonenglishfeed

The head armorer of a movie is responsible for overseeing all weapons that are used on a production. DAVID MCNEW/AFP via Getty Images The head armorer of the film “Rust” was a “bit careless” with guns, production sources told The Daily Beast. On the set of her last project, the head armorer allegedly gave a … Read more

Hellboy: the Asian character that Ed Skrein gave up could be played by Daniel Dae Kim

Little by little, the Hellboy reboot, starring David Harbor, has become an expected project and, in general, the news of its casting has been received with good spirits. However, in August, Ed Skrein’s arrival caused much controversy, so much so that the actor eventually decided to quit production. The thing is that Skrein had been … Read more

A perfect day: Benicio del Toro: “They gave me many cookies: there is my blood everywhere” | ICON

Benicio del Toro takes to the heights for ICON in Griffith Park, east of Hollywood.Kurt Iswarienko The filmmaker Fernando León de Aranoa explains that if there is one thing that abhors in the cinema, it is what they call the “confession moment”. In a break from the action, the main character gives another a tirade … Read more

Robert Downey Jr Gave Sarah Jessica Parker Important Life Lessons during Their Relationship

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Schwartzman gave intimate details of dinner with Ben Stiller

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Tom Holland Just Gave A Massive Hint About Venom Joining MCU – nonenglishfeed

The mid-credits scene of Venom: Let There Be Carnage has managed to create a buzz among the fans. The scene showed Eddie and Venom lowing down on a tropical island so that they are not arrested by the police after they defeat Carnage. As they are laying in bed and watching TV, Venom offers to … Read more

Besides Harry Potter, what movies did Ralph Fiennes appear in ?, actor who gave life to Voldemort

Actor Fiennes, because of his chilling resemblance to Amon Göth, the Austrian SS officer and commander of the Plaszow concentration camp in Poland, was cast as the most feared Nazi in Spielberg’s famous film. SEE MORE Emma Stone and Ralph Fiennes confirm their participation in The Menu love de Alexander Payne By María Lovera Mexico … Read more