Boys are more demanding than girls before they are born, according to scientists

Journal Reference: Esteban Salazar-Petres, Daniela Pereira-Carvalho, Jorge Lopez-Tello, Amanda Nancy Sferruzzi-Perri. Placental structure, function, and mitochondrial phenotype relate to fetal size in each fetal sex in mice. Biology of Reproduction, 2022; DOI: 10.1093/biolre/ioac056 Male baby pregnancies are more likely to result in complications, possibly because they grow faster in the womb and require more nutrients … Read more

The best Final Girls in horror movies | Digital Trends

The best Final Girls in horror movies Digital Trends

Throughout the long history of the horror genre, there have been numerous memorable characters, clever one-liners, and masked killers who have scared and entertained audiences. Almost every villain, whether it’s Michael Myers or Ghostface, has a “Final Girl” as their main antagonist, ready to fight back after a night or two of unspeakable violence.  Initially, the trope was associated with physical and … Read more

Homeboy review: Mean Girls’ Kevin G. Rajiv Surendra is now an influencer – Reuters News in France and abroad

Homeboy review Mean Girls Kevin G Rajiv Surendra is now

My favorite lifestyle influencer is Kevin G. from mean girls. Instagram may be full of bland-tasting blonde ladies in bland-tasting mansions, but only former Bad-Ass MC, real name Rajiv Surendra, delivers the absurd levels of insight I crave. Only Surendra is willing to teach me to do things I’ll never do, like: decorating my walls … Read more

How are teenage girls portrayed in teen movies?

How are teenage girls portrayed in teen movies

From Sixteen Candles to Lady Bird, how are teenage girls portrayed in teen movies? That’s the question Zoetrope answered in a great YouTube video. A few days ago Zoe Richard, aka Zoetrope on YouTube, posted a most interesting video about the teen movies, more particularly on the “ teen chicks flicks » (literally, “teen movies … Read more

Conductor gets Rs 2,000 Google pay, mysterious girls’ trip; Who is in Bangalore?

Conductor gets Rs 2000 Google pay mysterious girls trip Who

Kozhikode: The journey of the six girls who went missing from the Vellimadukunnu Children’s Home Girls’ Home is full of mysteries. The children were also active in the Republic Day celebrations at the home on the morning of the 26th. Officials say they are generally smart girls. The two sisters, who had previously stayed at … Read more