Why Is Iron Man Giving Spider-Man Credit For Saving The Avengers?

Iron Man just gave Spider-Man some credit in saving The Avengers! The comment came somewhat as a surprise because Spider-Man is rarely given any recognition for the things that he does to help the Avengers in the movies. But, this isn’t the case in the comic book, Avengers: Tech-On 2. ALSO READ: Why Fans Are Convinced … Read more

Tales of Arise Review – The Arte of Giving a Hootle (PS5)

Since Scarlet Nexus I’ve been itching for another mature skewing, darker JRPG story to sink my teeth into. I’ve always been a fan of the Tales series and all signs pointed toward Tales of Arise hitting everything on my checklist. Older characters that align closer to my age demographic. A story that explores the grey … Read more