RAJNOCH’S GLOSSARY: Trumps of Slavia in the fight for the title? Sor, Plavšič and Krmenčík! But watch out for Pilsen – Sport.cz

RAJNOCHS GLOSSARY Trumps of Slavia in the fight for the

There probably weren’t that many transfers in the winter. Slavia made the most transfers. Sor came, who was a very tempting item. However, Baník is also satisfied, as he received player compensation in the form of Ekpai and a percentage of the player’s further sales. On the other hand, he is leaving Stanciu. I still … Read more

RAJNOCH’S GLOSSARY: Vrba received a motivational contract in Sparta, another contract must be deserved – Sport.cz

RAJNOCHS GLOSSARY Vrba received a motivational contract in Sparta another

Sparta extended the contract with coach Vrba, which was probably expected. Maybe coach Vrba imagined a longer contract, but I would say that it is motivating for him. Under his leadership, the Letna family moved somewhere, came up with a concept. But outages in the form of Pilsen and Slovácko should simply not happen to … Read more

RAJNOCH’S GLOSSARY: Kuchta deserved a transfer. I don’t understand Karviná’s cleansing or plans – Sport.cz

RAJNOCHS GLOSSARY Kuchta deserved a transfer I dont understand Karvinas

Slavia made the biggest winter sale when she released Kuchta to Russia. He went through Teplice, Bohemka, Liberec and did not have the best references. Football has not come first for him for a long time. He was only compared by coach Hoftych in Liberec and the next part of the work was done by … Read more

RAJNOCH’S GLOSSARY: The referees’ silence after the match annoys me. I would acknowledge all or none of the controversial goals – Sport.cz

RAJNOCHS GLOSSARY The referees silence after the match annoys me

The first controversial moment came in the Slavia match in Olomouc. Sigma kept pace with her favorite in the first half, both in terms of games and tactics. After the break, it was clear that Slavia would start tightening the screws. She has experience in European cups, she is beaten in this respect and she … Read more