Government guidelines insufficient to protect freshwater ecosystem from salt pollution

Journal Reference: William D. Hintz, Shelley E. Arnott, Celia C. Symons, Danielle A. Greco, Alexandra McClymont, Jennifer A. Brentrup, Miguel Cañedo-Argüelles, Alison M. Derry, Amy L. Downing, Derek K. Gray, Stephanie J. Melles, Rick A. Relyea, James A. Rusak, Catherine L. Searle, Louis Astorg, Henry K. Baker, Beatrix E. Beisner, Kathryn L. Cottingham, Zeynep Ersoy, … Read more

Effective government saves lives in cyclones, other disasters

Journal Reference: Elizabeth Tennant, Elisabeth A. Gilmore. Government effectiveness and institutions as determinants of tropical cyclone mortality. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2020; 202006213 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2006213117 Elizabeth Tennant, postdoctoral associate in economics at Cornell University, wondered: What made the difference? To quantify the relationship between natural disaster outcomes and the effectiveness of governments … Read more

Guinean government members freed, head of state taken to Presidential Palace

Guinean government members freed head of state taken to Presidential

In update Soldiers entered the Guinean government palace in Bissau at 5:20 pm and ordered the government officials who were in the building, attacked this Tuesday in an attempted coup d’état, to leave. The President has already been taken to the Presidential Palace, advances the Lusa agency. Military sources informed that Umaro Sissoco Embaló will … Read more

What changes in the Draghi government after the failure of the parties on the Quirinale

What changes in the Draghi government after the failure of

After a week of hangover and a thousand tension, the parties (head down) try to rejoin the ranks. The Prime Minister Mario Draghi, also an active protagonist of the last six days of parliamentary convulsions, has decided to give a signal and on Monday the council of ministers could be convened (news agencies assure that … Read more

Government extends the vaccination mandate and eliminates the Dry Law with three new executive orders

Government extends the vaccination mandate and eliminates the Dry Law

Governor Pedro Pierluisi signed three executive orders today, Friday, that, among other things, expand the COVID-19 vaccination mandate for public employees, amend restrictions on hours and capacity limits in businesses, and add requirements for travelers. Some of the major changes in the restrictions include the elimination of the Dry Law and the restriction that established … Read more

From the government only crumbs to sport: a choice that has no vision

From the government only crumbs to sport a choice that

Only 100 million for and sports disciplines, which cannot be treated as the Cinderella of the entertainment world Just the crumbs. The government has allocated one billion and 600 million to support economic activities in crisis and only 100 million (of which 50 from a fund that already existed) will go to sport. Too little … Read more

Sos Covid in the Dakar: De Villiers at risk, the Government issues lists of positives to hotels

Sos Covid in the Dakar De Villiers at risk the

The South African is positive before leaving, but in Saudi Arabia it is an emergency to avoid contagion. Swabs required at the Jeddah stadium, names and passport numbers of positives are immediately reported to hotels and organizations to avoid “escapes” “Good luck”. Good luck. To say it is a tall Arab, with the classic dishdasha, … Read more

Federal government does not give Mayer a release for DOSB office

Federal government does not give Mayer a release for DOSB

The federal government has imposed a twelve-month waiting period on Stephan Mayer, the former parliamentary state secretary in the Federal Ministry of the Interior. The Federal Chancellery confirmed this on request. This means that Mayer can take up his position as Vice President of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) do not compete for the … Read more

Djokovic, another no from the Australian government: visa canceled

Djokovic another no from the Australian government visa canceled

The decision of the Minister of Immigration Hawke “for health reasons, in the public interest”. Prime Minister: “Decision to protect the sacrifices of Australians. Waiting for the appeal of the lawyers of the number 1 in the world For the second time, the Australian government canceled Novak Djokovic’s visa, according to Immigration Minister Alex Hawke, … Read more

The League writes to the government: “Immediately help for football or let’s throw in the towel”

The League writes to the government Immediately help for football

President Dal Pino in a letter to the undersecretary for sport Valentina Vezzali: “The reduced attendance in the next two days complicates an already difficult situation for a penalized sector” “I hope your authoritative intervention to sensitize the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers” to intervene with “measures of effective and concrete support for … Read more