Alonso and Vettel’s proposal: “Ex aequo title for Verstappen and Hamilton”

Alonso and Vettels proposal Ex aequo title for Verstappen and

According to the two multiple world champions, it would be right to assign the world championship to both protagonists of the season What if Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton split the 2021 World Champion title between them? And if a few months after those exciting moments of the Tokyo Olympics, when paired at the top … Read more

Wolff attacks: “Hamilton robbed of title. Masi? Incompatible with the role”

Wolff attacks Hamilton robbed of title Masi Incompatible with the

Mercedes F1 team principal very tough: “We would have won in court but it’s not our way of doing things. Lewis is humanly disappointed but it is worth fighting for the 2022 title ”. The team principal and seven-time world champion will not attend the awards ceremony in Paris Andrea Fanì December 16 – Milano … Read more

F1, Domenicali on Hamilton: “He will return with even more desire to win the 8th title”

F1 Domenicali on Hamilton He will return with even more

The F1 CEO, awarded the Bandini Prize ex aequo with Massimo Rivola, between the outcome of the world championship and the future of the Circus: “After having detached Lewis, he will have even more energy, 2022 will mark an important turning point for Formula 1 and budget cap will help those who are late ” … Read more

F1, Brad Pitt on track with an Apple TV + movie: perhaps a role for Hamilton

F1 Brad Pitt on track with an Apple TV

The indiscretion of the Deadline site: the American actor will step into the shoes of a retired former pilot, mentor of a young and emerging talent. The participation of the British champion is also possible Yet another F1 movie will star Brad Pitt. According to the site Deadline, which launched the indiscretion, Apple TV + … Read more

Hamilton is celebrating his birthday. The race for records will continue in 2022

Hamilton is celebrating his birthday The race for records will

The silence of the world champion puts pressure on the FIA. But with Wolff and the team there is constant contact Lewis Hamilton’s silence is making more noise every day. It is a total absence that goes on from that damned (for him) Sunday 12 December that saw the Englishman mocked by Max Verstappen on … Read more

Hamilton, the team man stronger than troubles: the driver has reopened the World Cup

Hamilton the team man stronger than troubles the driver has

The victory in Brazil against penalties and suspensions raised the hopes of triumph for the 7-time world champion. Who has never stopped believing in it, encouraging Mercedes and also Bottas, who already has the suitcase in his hand next year Brazil gave him his first World Cup. Brazil may have given him the decisive push … Read more

Hamilton wins the crazy Arabian GP ahead of Verstappen. The title is decided in Abu Dhabi

Hamilton wins the crazy Arabian GP ahead of Verstappen The

Crazy race in Jeddah: the English gives life to a fierce duel with the Dutch (even a rear-end collision) who is second. Lewis recovers all 8 points of disadvantage and the World Cup will be decided next Sunday. Third Bottas. Ferrari seventh and eighth Giusto Ferronato December 5th – Gedda (Arabia) It was perhaps one … Read more

Formula 1, GP in Saudi Arabia: Lewis Hamilton wins tough battle in Saudi Arabia

Formula 1 GP in Saudi Arabia Lewis Hamilton wins tough

Vettel and Schumacher out early Third place went to Hamiltons Mercedes-Teamcolleagues Valtteri Bottas. Sebastian Vettel had to be his Aston Martin stop prematurely after several contacts with counterparties. Haas driver Mick Schumacher retired after an accident – with which he set the peculiar dynamics of this 21st race of the season in motion. After his … Read more

Formula 1 in Saudi Arabia: Drama between Verstappen and Hamilton in the World Cup

Formula 1 in Saudi Arabia Drama between Verstappen and Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton won the Formula 1 World Cup race in Saudi Arabia after great drama. Max Verstappen was punished after the finish. Nu are expecting a World Cup final where the two World Cup fighters have exactly the same points. Verstappen vs Hamilton (TT) The World Cup match between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen continues … Read more

Massa bewitched by Hamilton: “I see him very strong in the last three races”

Massa bewitched by Hamilton I see him very strong in

The Brazilian comments on the Interlagos race and praises the race of the Englishman from Mercedes: “The turning point with the comeback in the sprint race. Sunday was different from Mexico “ Andrea Cremonesi November 16 – San Paolo (Brazil) Felipe Massa also enjoyed watching the show staged on Sunday on his Interlagos by Lewis … Read more