What happened on a day like today in Guatemala and the world?

In Guatemala, in 1873, due to political instability, the government of General Justo Rufino Barrios established strict guidelines. One of them was complying with compulsory military service. However, on October 17 Barrios decided to exonerate university students from this measure. On the other hand, on October 17, 1888, the municipality of Santa Cruz Barillas, Huehuetenango; … Read more

What happened to the girl from ‘Little Miss Sunshine’?

Abigail Breslin amazed everyone with her endearing role as Olive Hoover, an unattractive seven-year-old girl who wants with all her might to become a beauty queen in Pequeña Miss Sunshine (2006), the acclaimed independent tragicomedy directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris that won two Oscars, original screenplay and supporting actor (Alan Arkin). For her … Read more

This is what happened in the virtual meeting of ‘The Lord of the Rings’

In the midst of everything the world is going through – you know, the coronavirus pandemic and the protests against racial violence over the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police -, Other things happened that many were waiting for and one of them was the meeting of the complete cast … Read more

What happened? Tom Cruise surprises fans with drastic changes to his face

You have successfully registeredPlease click the link in the email sent to Send the mail again Lifestyle The most current and interesting for your health, leisure and entertainment. https://mundo.sputniknews.com/20211012/que-le-paso-tom-cruise-sorprende-a-fans-con-cambios-drasticos-en-su-rostro-1117008356.html What happened? Tom Cruise surprises fans with drastic changes to his face What happened? Tom Cruise surprises fans with drastic changes to his face Tom Cruise … Read more

What If…? Consistently Downplayed Iron Man, Worst Insult Happened In The Finale With The Watcher

What If…? showcased the different sides and iterations of the Marvel superheroes.  The genius playboy billionaire philanthropist superhero is among the Marvel fans’ favorites — thanks to Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal in the live-action movies. However, some noticed that Iron Man wasn’t well represented in the animated series. What If…? Consistently Downplays Iron Man Many … Read more

HBO Max Announces ‘What Happened to Brittany Murphy’ Premiere Date

HBO Max announced “What Happened to Brittany Murphy” will debut with both episodes of the two-part documentary on Oct. 14. The docuseries shows an intimate, in-depth character portrait of Murphy, exploring the mysterious circumstances surrounding the actress’s tragic death at 32-years-old. Featuring new archival footage and interviews with those closest to the late star, the … Read more