Sexual harassment scandal shakes Germany’s most popular daily | Culture | DW

“Bild”, run by Julian Reichelt as editor-in-chief since 2017, is Germany’s largest newspaper and has marked the country’s media landscape in a significant way since its founding in 1952. Known for its controversy, the media outlet It is often criticized: for example, after launching a front page attack on virologist Christian Drosten, one of Chancellor … Read more

Police Won’t Stop Racist Harassment Against Black Family

A Black Virginia Beach family have been subjected to targeted, racist harassment by a neighbor, but the police say their hands are tied as the city attorney and Virginia magistrates both say it doesn’t constitute a crime. A Black family of veterans with small children moved into a new house in Virginia Beach. Their neighbor … Read more

Colin Firth’s wife’s ex-lover officially charged with harassment | People

More information Like in Fatal Attraction, history seems to have repeated but in real life. Journalist Marco Bancaccia has been formally accused of harassing Colin Firth’s wife, according to the British newspaper. The Times. Livia Firth and the Italian journalist had a relationship that lasted 11 months during a marriage separation that occurred between 2015 … Read more

If you are a television actress and you report sexual harassment, better find another job

“Now is the best time in the world to be a woman and I have a platform, so it’s time to use my voice.” Afton Williamson, 34, thus concluded an Instagram post in which he announced the most traumatic decision of his professional career. After almost a decade carving out a promising future in Hollywood … Read more

Jeffrey Tambor breaks the silence after controversy over sexual harassment

Last November, his former assistant and transsexual actress, Van Barnes, denounced without naming him, that the actor Jeffrey Tambor he had harassed and groped her. Amazon, series producer Transparent, where Tambor was the protagonist playing a transsexual, opened an investigation. A week later, one of the members of said series, the transsexual actress Trace Lysette, … Read more

Helen Mirren faces up to sexual harassment after suffering it almost daily

Helen Mirren She wants to be part of the change and raises her voice to give visibility to the consequences that women suffer from the most common sexual harassment: street harassment. And for this, the Oscar winner has chosen to give her own testimony, sharing with the world that came to suffer sexual harassment “almost … Read more