Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Scene Hilariously Recreated by German Leader

As noticed by James Gunn himself, Harley Quinn’s scene from The Suicide Squad has been unintentionally recreated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. A Harley Quinn scene from The Suicide Squad has been unintentionally recreated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Ever since Margot Robbie first appeared as the psychiatrist turned psychotic Joker accomplice/lover in 2016’s Suicide … Read more

‘The Suicide Squad’: From the sexualization and abuse of Harley Quinn to John Cena’s grandfather panties – Movie Specials

The nature and behavior of Harley Quinn has been controversial since its adaptation by Margot Robbie. In ‘The Suicide Squad’, James Gunn balanced everything and included a scene of a fighter wearing white trunks in the jungle. It’s hard to list the flaws in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad adaptation, and it’s also fair to give … Read more

Who is Harley Quinn?

Harley Quinn is one of the DC Comics characters that has had the best development in recent years, her evolution arc carries a very powerful message for the times and allows the character to be read many times. This is a little glimpse of who Harley Quinn is Origin of Harley Quinn Harley Quinn, villain … Read more

Harley Quinn & Cruella Team Up in DC & Disney Crossover Art

2021’s most chaotic leading ladies, Cruella de Vil and Harley Quinn, stand as allies in new crossover art bringing together Disney and the DCEU. Harley Quinn and Cruella are likely up to no good in new pieces of DC/Disney crossover art. Despite existing in two very different universes, Harley and Cruella seem to hold a … Read more

The Suicide Squad Is A Step Backwards For Harley Quinn’s Characterization

Harley Quinn absolutely shinned in Birds of Prey. The Suicide Squad attempts to channel her unique brand of calculated chaos but forgets that spark of humanity that Birds of Prey so effectively honed on, making the character feel shallow. Fans might still be laughing at Harley’s jokes, but do they still relate to her? This … Read more

The Suicide Squad reveals what happened to Harley Quinn after Birds of Prey

The Suicide Squad It is a movie that holds up very well on its own, so if you haven’t seen the tape of Suicide Squad of 2016 o Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) they can perfectly understand what is happening in this new story of Task Force X. However, … Read more

‘The Suicide Squad’ King Shark Wasn’t Influenced by the ‘Harley Quinn’ Character

James Gunn brought a less-explored corner of DC Comics to life with the movie The Suicide Squad, introducing characters like King Shark. The blood-thirsty and yet somehow adorable demigod (real name Nanaue), delighted audiences. King Shark isn’t entirely new to modern audiences, though. He appears in the animated TV series Harley Quinn. But the two … Read more

Harley Quinn’s original Suicide Squad 2 design revealed by James Gunn – nonenglishfeed

DC Films/Atlas Entertainment/The Safran Company | Convergence: Harley Quinn #1 (2015) / DC Comics The film portrayal of Harley Quinn by Margot Robbie has been so good that it is difficult to imagine someone else acting as Joker’s girlfriend and, without a doubt, the things that have made her impersonation memorable have been her costumes. … Read more

Harley Quinn, King Shark Lead Puma and DC’s Suicide Squad Sneaker Collab

DC unveils another sneaker collaboration with Puma and Jen Bartel, this time bringing the likes of Harley Quinn, King Shark and more to fans’ feet. DC is partnering with Puma to bring The Suicide Squad‘s most popular anti-heroes to the footwear market. Harley Quinn, King Shark, Peacemaker, Polka-Dot Man and Bloodsport are all getting the sneaker treatment, … Read more