“Foundation” | “Foundation”: Who is who in the series that adapts Isaac Asimov’s masterpiece? | Apple TV + | Isaac Asimov | Lou Llobell | Leah Harvey | United States | Trantor | TVMAS

According to the criteria of Know more With a billionaire budget and a star-studded cast, “Foundation”(“ Foundation ”) is one of the most ambitious science fiction productions of recent years, adapting for the first time the great work by Isaac Asimov in the serial format for the streaming service Apple TV+ Directed by screenwriter and … Read more

His military past and more curiosities of Harvey Keitel

In the world of acting, you don’t have to be a world star to start being recognized and to be able to make a living from such work, but all actors tend to aspire to something more. The mirrors in which to look at oneself are usually veteran interpreters already established, as Harvey Keitel may … Read more

“Foundation”: Basic guide to understanding the classic science fiction, now an Apple TV series + stories-ec | Isaac Asimov | Jared Harris | Lee Pace | Leah Harvey | Lou Llobel stories-ec | TVMAS

According to the criteria of Know more They said it couldn’t be adapted and for decades it was true. “Foundation”(“ Foundation ”), the magnum opus of the writer Isaac asimov, has been one of the foundational pieces of modern science fiction since the release of its first story in May 1942, influencing other classics such … Read more

Gina Carano compares Joe Biden with Harvey Weinstein for mandatory vaccination and they destroy her on social networks

Gina Carano was a much loved star of The Mandalorian – 91%, the Lucasfilm series that won everyone’s heart in 2019, however, the actress was left out of production after issuing some problematic comments on her social networks at the end of 2020. Now she takes up their profiles on the Internet again to touch … Read more

Elijah Wood reveals how the ‘Lord of the Rings’ team mocked Harvey Weinstein

‘The Lord of the Rings’ Image Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment Elijah Wood has a lot of memories from working on ‘The Lord of the Rings,’ the wildly successful early-2000s film trilogy directed by Peter Jackson and produced by New Line Cinema. But one anecdote reveals the production’s lingering hostility toward Miramax, the company founded by … Read more

Kirsten Sheridan, PJ Harvey projects receive Irish Film Board Funding (exclusive) | News

New projects from filmmakers Kirsten Sheridan, Ian Fitzgibbon and Mark O’Halloran are among those being backed by the Irish Film Board in its latest round of funding decisions. A forthcoming animated TV series co-helmed by Irish Oscar nominee Nora Twomey is also being supported by the national film body, as is a new documentary featuring … Read more

How Harvey Weinstein and the #MeToo Movement Changed Contemporary Entertainment

1. In 1999, Harvey Weinstein caressed the Hollywood Sky with the tips of his fingers thanks to his campaign for the Oscar of Shakespeare in Love (John Madden, 1998), without a doubt the most ambitious and triumphant that Miramax ever carried out. The highly recommended YouTube channel Be Kind Rewind makes an excellent summary of … Read more

Harvey Keitel’s Best Roles

Born in Brooklyn on May 13, 1939, Harvey Keitel has been for decades one of the most recognizable faces of Hollywood that began to be built towards the last third of the last century.. With more than 150 films behind him as an actor and having made his first steps in the production apparatus, his … Read more

The Weinstein Company struggled financially even before Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct allegations

It is easily — and understandably — overlooked that amid the seismic fallout from the sexual-assault allegations made against film mogul Harvey Weinstein, his fall from grace coincided with the Weinstein Company suffering a prolonged creative and commercial slump. Following an acrimonious split between Weinstein’s previous production company Miramax and its owner, the Walt Disney … Read more