Ray Liotta: ‘Why haven’t I worked with Scorsese since Goodfellas? You’d have to ask him. I’d love to’

I am a little trepidatious ahead of my interview with Ray Liotta because the reviews, shall we say, are mixed. Not about his acting, which has been accoladed and adored from his first major film role, as Melanie Griffith’s crazy ex in 1986’s Something Wild, for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe. No, … Read more

Actors who look the same as when they were children: they haven’t changed a thing

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images | Kevin Winter/Getty Images | Frazer Harrison / Getty Images Hollywood has given us great stars and some of them started their careers from a young age. Thanks to this, the audience was fortunate to see them grow in front of the cameras and see how they changed … Read more

Marvel: The Easter Eggs You Haven’t Seen From Episode 5 Of What If …? | Mexico | Spain | Disney Plus | Marvel Zombies | SPORTS-PLAY

What If…? He continues to give it his all in every episode. The most recent installment is dedicated to zombies, so the animators turned to various details from the comics of Marvel that only a true fanatic is capable of discovering. Let’s take a look at what the latest episode available on Disney Plus has … Read more

8 Hollywood celebrities who haven’t changed in the last 10 years

Featureflash Photo Agency vía Shutterstock There is a privileged group of celebrities who defy age and show off a face quite similar to what they wore 10 or more years ago. Their excellent personal care habits, extraordinary genetics and perhaps a little help from non-invasive cosmetic procedures have allowed them to stop the passage of … Read more