A new heat engine with no moving parts is as efficient as a steam turbine

Journal Reference: Alina LaPotin, Kevin L. Schulte, Myles A. Steiner, Kyle Buznitsky, Colin C. Kelsall, Daniel J. Friedman, Eric J. Tervo, Ryan M. France, Michelle R. Young, Andrew Rohskopf, Shomik Verma, Evelyn N. Wang, Asegun Henry. Thermophotovoltaic efficiency of 40%. Nature, 2022; 604 (7905): 287 DOI: 10.1038/s41586-022-04473-y The heat engine is a thermophotovoltaic (TPV) cell, … Read more

Plasma turbulence spreading by magnetic fluctuation reduces heat load on a fusion device wall

Journal Reference: M. Kobayashi, K. Tanaka, K. Ida, Y. Hayashi, Y. Takemura, T. Kinoshita. Turbulence Spreading into an Edge Stochastic Magnetic Layer Induced by Magnetic Fluctuation and Its Impact on Divertor Heat Load. Physical Review Letters, 2022; 128 (12) DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.128.125001 To achieve fusion power generation, it is necessary to confine the plasma in a … Read more

The material that could save industries heat

Journal Reference: Takuya Hatakeyama, Norihiko L. Okamoto, Satoshi Otake, Hiroaki Sato, Hongyi Li, Tetsu Ichitsubo. Excellently balanced water-intercalation-type heat-storage oxide. Nature Communications, 2022; 13 (1) DOI: 10.1038/s41467-022-28988-0 In their investigations, the researchers used a layered manganese oxide mineral containing potassium ions and crystal water. This mineral is quite similar in its composition to birnessite, which … Read more

Getting hotter: Improving heat flux modeling

Journal Reference: Kunio Fujiwara, Masahiko Shibahara. Thermal transport mechanism at a solid-liquid interface based on the heat flux detected at a subatomic spatial resolution. Physical Review E, 2022; 105 (3) DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.105.034803 The process by which heat is transferred at the point where a solid meets a liquid may seem to be a simple physics … Read more

Breakthrough application of moisture-trapping film to reduce heat stress in personal protective suits

Journal Reference: Jiachen Yang, Xueping Zhang, J. Justin Koh, Rensheng Deng, Saravana Kumarasamy, Yuan Xing Xu, Hao Qu, Songlin Zhang, Yaoxin Zhang, Swee Ching Tan. Reversible Hydration Composite Films for Evaporative Perspiration Control and Heat Stress Management. Small, 2022; 2107636 DOI: 10.1002/smll.202107636 The new desiccant film, which is biocompatible and non-toxic, has fast absorption rate, … Read more

Lakers, stop senza LeBron. Heat nervosi e sconfitti, Boston brilla

Lakers stop senza LeBron Heat nervosi e sconfitti Boston brilla

Philadelphia supera i gialloviola, tensione durante un timeout nel 2° tempo tra Butler, Haslem e coach Spoelstra. Phoenix espugna Minneapolis. I Celtics dominano Utah Piasentini-Sandri 24 marzo – Milano Philadelphia batte i Lakers, privi di LeBron James, a Los Angeles con 54 punti combinati di Joel Embiid e James Harden, mentre Phoenix espugna Minneapolis con … Read more

Precipitation trends determine how often droughts and heat waves will occur together

Journal Reference: Emanuele Bevacqua, Giuseppe Zappa, Flavio Lehner, and Jakob Zscheischler. Precipitation trends determine future occurrences of compound hot-dry events. Nature Climate Change, 2022 DOI: 10.1038/s41558-022-01309-5 “In the past, periods of drought and heat waves were often considered separately; there is, however, a strong correlation between the two events, which can be seen in the … Read more

Heat stress for cattle may cost billions by century’s finish, study finds

Journal Reference: Philip Thornton, Gerald Nelson, Dianne Mayberry, Mario Herrero. Impacts of heat stress on global cattle production during the 21st century: a modelling study. The Lancet Planetary Health, 2022; 6 (3): e192 DOI: 10.1016/S2542-5196(22)00002-X Farmers in tropical regions — including large parts of South America, Asia and Africa — are likely to suffer significantly, … Read more

Corals can be ‘educated’ to tolerate heat stress

Journal Reference: Allyson DeMerlis, Amanda Kirkland, Madeline L. Kaufman, Anderson B. Mayfield, Nathan Formel, Graham Kolodziej, Derek P. Manzello, Diego Lirman, Nikki Traylor-Knowles, Ian C. Enochs. Pre-exposure to a variable temperature treatment improves the response of Acropora cervicornis to acute thermal stress. Coral Reefs, 2022; DOI: 10.1007/s00338-022-02232-z These findings offer coral restoration scientists with a … Read more

Magnetic excitations could provide information transfer without heat loss

Journal Reference: T. Weber, D. M. Fobes, J. Waizner, P. Steffens, G. S. Tucker, M. Böhm, L. Beddrich, C. Franz, H. Gabold, R. Bewley, D. Voneshen, M. Skoulatos, R. Georgii, G. Ehlers, A. Bauer, C. Pfleiderer, P. Böni, M. Janoschek, M. Garst. Topological magnon band structure of emergent Landau levels in a skyrmion lattice. Science, … Read more