Biggest reveals from Netflix’s TUDUM Event about upcoming series, documentaries, movies · The Badger Herald

Netflix followed in the footsteps of DC, PlayStation and Comic-Con Saturday at their virtual fan event announcing anticipated titles for the reminder of 2021 and 2022. Netflix hosted a three-hour livestream event “TUDUM” this past weekend and included announcements for nearly 100 different upcoming series. Fans caught a glimpse of anticipated films and series through … Read more

How Scorsese’s negative opinion of Marvel movies holds up in 2021 · The Badger Herald

In October 2019, famed Hollywood film director Martin Scorsese caused a social media frenzy when he released an incredibly trivial take, arguing that Marvel movies did not qualify as true cinema. Immediately, Twitter went into a fury. Many were baffled at how a filmmaker as experienced as Scorsese, who produced acclaimed movies like “The Irishmen” … Read more

At the Warwick Showcase | Cranston Herald

THE CARD COUNTER **** (Surreal, eclectic and downright bizarre) Three movies opened at the Showcase last weekend. One is another monster movie. The second is a faith-based movie. We chose the third, a surreal, eclectic, downright bizarre movie about a former army interrogator who has become an obsessive card counter. Bill (Oscar Isaac) travels around … Read more