Hidden Gems of Horror (Part Two)

Illustration by Lauren Brutger by ELINOR EPPERSONContributor A weekly list of horror movie recommendations to celebrate Halloween. Subtitles May be Needed If you want to get away from the beaten path of American ghost movies, check out horror movies from other countries. The ones that find their way to American streaming services are usually worth … Read more

Icons of Darkness presents sci-fi, fantasy, and horror film memorabilia

Movie buffs can see the most extensive privately-owned collection of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror film artifacts on earth at the Icons of Darkness exhibition at Hollywood & Highland in Los Angeles. Photos courtesy of Icons of Darkness Curated and collected over the last 60 years – and representing over 100 years of film history –the … Read more

Best Gifts for Horror Movie Lovers – SheKnows

Ah, the leaves have changed color, the weather is borderline frigid, and the Christmas decor is monopolizing store shelves: It’s officially holiday season. And while many have been binging on their favorite Christmastime films (*presses play on The Family Stone for the third time this month*) and humming along to theme song of Elf, others … Read more

American Horror Story: 5 actors who got their roles right (& 5 who fell short)

American Horror Story has proven time and again to have a winning formula. Although none of its last seasons has reached the levels of critics or audiences of Murder House and Asylum, many of them have been popular with fans, critics, or both. Part of the series’ unique format is its cast. Being an anthology … Read more

100 best horror movies of all time | Entertainment

Horror stands alone as a form of cinematic entertainment. Like a shot of adrenaline, the best examples are often measured by their ability to stimulate the senses. Rarely will one find Oscar-worthy monologues or painstaking character development. Even basic logic can be hard to come by, as movies like “Scream” point out. But that doesn’t … Read more

The 10 greatest horror movie soundtracks of all time

In the realm of horror, often it is what’s heard, suggested and alluded to, rather than physically seen, that injects the lasting feeling of terror. Filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott embraced this with Jaws and Alien respectively, in which the terror of the titular monsters was reserved for the perfect time, when … Read more