This is how a ‘supercouple’ works: anatomy of the euphoria and profitability of two celebrities together | News | ICON

It happened during the Venice Festival, held in early September. In the projection of The last dueldirected by Ridley Scott, actor and director Ben Affleck got out of his car and posed for a few moments before the press. Then, with the gesture of a master of ceremonies, he opened the door of the same … Read more

Drag Race icon Monique Heart meets Lil Nas X’s split SNL pants in wild Walk In preview

Facts are facts and fabrics are fabrics in Monique Heart’s new Amazon Music digital series The Walk In. EW can exclusively reveal a (brown cow) stunning batch of first-look images from the RuPaul’s Drag Race alum’s new fashion-themed TV show, which sees her raiding the closets of music superstars — including Lil Nas X, whom … Read more

Jake Gyllenhaal: “If I hadn’t changed my priorities, I’d have a serious problem today” | Style | ICON

Jake Gyllenhaal (Los Angeles, age 40) is learning to embrace the moment. “Nature has always been a place of rest for me and it is becoming more so” he says. “In the years before the pandemic I was very busy and the truth is that I did not have time to connect with it. One … Read more

How Bill Murray has become a pop icon

The answer is: Because Bill Murray He doesn’t care exactly what you think of him. Seriously. Absolutely and emphatically. He does not care. He does not want to transcend space and time. He has not aspired, he does not aspire and he will never aspire to become a pop icon. You know: he’s a guy … Read more

Ed Skrein: the actor who left ‘Game of Thrones’ and survived a stab is the star of 2020 | ICON

Actor Ed Skrein wears a CH Carolina Herrera leather jacket and pants, Abanderado T-shirt and Great Frog chain.Photo: Gorka Postigo “If you cut me, I bleed London,” says Ed Skrein (London, 1983), devouring a skewer of Spanish omelette, as if his thick Camden accent is not enough to recognize a link on a molecular scale … Read more

Kevin Bacon: “There is no way to describe fame to someone who has not experienced it. It’s a nightmare ”| ICON

Yes, the bacon is very crispy. Yes, according to a viral theory years ago, everyone is six degrees apart from him at most. Yes, it is Kevin Bacon (Philadelphia, 62 years old), famous, despite himself, for such trivial things as that. “Famous for being famous,” he says almost ruefully. For more than 40 years, he … Read more

Ryan Phillippe’s new attempt to get rid of the youth idol label that died in the shadow of his wife | Culture | ICON

Ryan Phillippe’s face is one of those that remains unchanged in the collective imagination: most of the public has not seen it since, 20 years ago, he seemed destined to be the next Hollywood superstar. In a few days the series will premiere Big sky on Disney Star, the Disney + adult content platform, where … Read more

Sam Rockwell, the actor who falls better the worse the villain he plays, star of our November cover | ICON

It is very possible that he knew Sam Rockwell long before, at the last Oscars, he won the award for best supporting actor for his role in Three advertisements on the outskirts. An actor since he was a child, the Californian had signed stellar performances in Confessions of a dangerous mind (2002) the Moon (2009), … Read more

“Does anyone hate Dwayne Johnson? Is that possible?” How ‘The Rock’ has conquered the world | Culture | ICON

Year 2032. The former wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson, known by the nickname of The Rock, leads the race to the presidency of the United States. Critical voices accuse him of being part of the elite and living outside the problems of the average American. In order to silence them, Johnson gives a series of … Read more