Santa Mónica hockey: cuando la inclusión no tiene techo

Santa Monica hockey cuando la inclusion no tiene techo

Es martes, faltan quince minutos para las 16.30 y en la puerta del Hipódromo en el Parque Independencia hay mucho movimiento. Una mujer con sonrisa dibujada recibe a la gente, escribe los nombres de chicos y profes en un sticker y se los pega en la ropa, para que todos puedan identificarse y llamarse por … Read more

Making range, fairness, inclusion integral part of physics education

Journal Reference: Martha-Elizabeth Baylor, Jessica R. Hoehn, Noah Finkelstein. Infusing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Throughout Our Physics Curriculum: (Re)defining What It Means to Be a Physicist. The Physics Teacher, 2022; 60 (3): 172 DOI: 10.1119/5.0032998 In The Physics Teacher, by AIP Publishing, scientists from Carleton College and the University of Colorado Boulder are helping to … Read more

Transgender: Brown’s American Battle Against Lia. And Daley’s British battle for inclusion

Transgender Browns American Battle Against Lia And Daleys British battle

Lia Thomas (NY Post) Erika Brown, American national at the Games, opened the debate on Instagram on the controversial case of Lia Thomas, who risks passing for the Semenya of swimming: “We cannot allow transgender women to compete with biological women, who are disadvantaged in this comparison. I want to share a topic that is … Read more