ZDF still keeping the promise to safeguard independence

The Chronicle Judge Jarachara and Melody Dube, Features ReportersThe ongoing Covid-19 pandemic will again deprive the country of any form of celebratory activities on Independence Day as efforts to slow the spread of the disease continue. The well-known entertaining and magnificent military parades, which over the years have always preceded a match between Zimbabwe’s two … Read more

Did ‘National Treasure’ Really Film at Independence Hall? – nonenglishfeed

After being in development for four years with nine writers, the movie National Treasure finally found its way on screens to positive audience reception and mild negative critical acclaim. Still, the National Treasure film and its sequel have remained classics, with their approach to historical accuracy being questionable. Nicolas Cage | Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images National … Read more

Jeff Goldblum confirms his most famous line on Independence Day is a nod to Jurassic Park

Jeff Goldblum is a longtime Hollywood actor and fans are always happy to hear about him. One of his most famous films is, without a doubt, Independence Day – 60%, a piece that celebrates July 4 and also includes one of the most famous lines in the actor’s career. During an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment … Read more