Twentieth Century Fox’s Futuristic VR Innovation

Fast Company knows you’re curious about VR, but probably still have a lot of questions. That’s why we are launching a new column where our own Daniel Terdiman will answer all of your questions about the new technology. So start sending your burning VR questions to Daniel now at In the middle of what … Read more

The Troubled Life of Patent No. 6,456,841

Illustrations: McKibillo Takeshi Tomimori, an engineer at Mitsubishi Electric Corp., in Tokyo, had an idea. What if you could alert a cellphone user of incoming messages by displaying an icon on the screen? He worked out the details for what Mitsubishi’s lawyers called, in their 1999 filing, a “Mobile Communication Apparatus Notifying User of Reproduction … Read more

EBU Technology & Innovation – Measuring and reducing the carbon footprint of

Figure 1. How GreenFrame measures the carbon footprint of a digital system Kemal Görgülü (Chief Technology Officer, ARTE) Sustainability is one of ARTE’s core values. Not only have environmental issues always had a place in our programme catalogue, but they also play an essential role in shaping our in-house energy policy, technical infrastructure, and various … Read more

Google Play will show the app scores

Google announced a series of platform changes with the aim of making the ratings and reviews of the apps published by users more useful The official ‘software’ platform Google Play It will filter the appraisals of the applications to show the user those of people from the same country or who use the same type … Read more