Olympic Winter Games in Beijing 2022: Doubts about the IOC concept for sustainability

Olympic Winter Games in Beijing 2022 Doubts about the IOC

Geoscientist: “Winter Games without natural snow are madness” A brave new winter sports world that is being advertised there in Beijing – but which looks a little different in reality: Carmen de Jong, geoscientist from the University of Strasbourg, even speaks of the “most unsustainable game ever“This is due to the fact that there is … Read more

Olympia, Beijing 2022: IOC member Richard Pound defends himself against criticism in the Peng Shuai case

Olympia Beijing 2022 IOC member Richard Pound defends himself against

It’s been a week and a half since the International Olympic Committee (IOC) spread the news about a video link with China’s tennis star Peng Shuai. The player accused a high-ranking Chinese politician of sexual assault in a social media post in early November. She then disappeared from the public eye and was unreachable for … Read more

Autonomy Coni, the alarm from Cito: “A nightmare. Let’s avoid the IOC sanction “

Autonomy Coni the alarm from Cito A nightmare Lets avoid

The Executive to be held on Tuesday must intervene for the independence of the Olympic Committee without which Italy could be sanctioned at the Games. The concern of the president of Fita “We are living a nightmare at the mere thought that our athletes cannot participate in the Olympic Games under the aegis of the … Read more