‘Halloween Kills’: 10 Movies Where You Can Also See Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is back with his iconic character in ‘Halloween Kills’, but beyond being Laurie, he has several movies that you have surely already seen or should see. Producer, actress and writer, throughout her career Jamie Lee Curtis has shown that there is nothing she cannot do, no role that is too small for … Read more

Sam Heughan’s life before he was Jamie Fraser

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How much money does Jamie Foxx have? This is your fortune

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Jamie Lee Curtis’ latest Halloween movie heads for pre-pandemic $50M opening

Jamie Lee Curtis’ latest Halloween movie heads for pre-pandemic $50M opening beating James Bond’s ‘No Time to Die’ while Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s ‘The Last Duel’ bombs Halloween Kills is expected to earn $50 million this weekend and overtake James Bond’s No Time to Die, which is projected to fall to $24.5 million The … Read more

Jamie Lee Curtis: “Without ‘Halloween’ I would not have left a mark on the cinema” | The USA Newspaper

Frame provided by Universal Studios where actress Jamie Lee Curtis appears as Laurie Strode during a scene from the horror film “Halloween Kills” that is presented this Friday in theaters and on the Peacock platform. He started his career at the age of 19 on the run from Michael Myers and, four decades later, he … Read more

Halloween Ends Will Make People Very Angry, Says Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis opens up about plans for Halloween Ends, saying director David Gordon Green’s ideas for the finale will “make people very angry.” Screen legend Jamie Lee Curtis says that Halloween Ends, the final film in David Gordon Green’s new Halloween trilogy will “make people very angry.” Curtis, who began her film career playing … Read more

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After Harrison Ford Exits Jamie Foxx’s Movie, The Project Has Landed A Perfect Replacement

If things had gone off as planned for Jamie Foxx’s Amazon movie The Burial, the project would have seen the Soul actor teaming up with Harrison Ford in a movie based on a wildly true story. Sadly, the project has seen a bit of a shake-up, with Mr. Ford leaving his intended role entirely. However, … Read more

‘Halloween Kills’ a gruesome waste of Jamie Lee Curtis’ time and yours

O Haddonfield! My Haddonfield! Why, in the name of fictitious Illinois towns, have you resorted to hapless mob violence, like the pitchfork crowd in “Frankenstein” or the January Sixers that came along after “Halloween Kills” was filmed? And why is “Halloween Kills” such a drag, as well as a clear step down from director and … Read more