GTA 5: PS5 and Xbox Series pre-orders are here, find out their price! –

GTA 5 PS5 and Xbox Series pre orders are here find

In the daily newspaper, the first Elden Ring speedruns are here, the price and info on GTA 5 next-gen and finally, casting news for the live action One Piece. Summary Elden Ring the first speedrun of the game GTA 5: we take stock of the pre-orders One Piece Live-Action Adaptation Reveals New Actors Elden Ring … Read more

God of War: good news that will delight fans! –

God of War good news that will delight fans

In this Daily we tell you about upcoming announcements from Blizzard, a possible series for God of War and we finish with the cyberattack of which Samsung is a victim. Summary Blizzard will make announcements around its licenses A TV series for God of War Samsung victim of a huge hack Blizzard will make announcements … Read more

Elden Ring: a clue to a potential DLC? –

Elden Ring a clue to a potential DLC

On the program of this Daily, this final season of Attack on Titan is probably not the end, we may have a clue about the Elden Ring DLC ​​and finally, 1 million accounts have been banned on Lost Ark. Summary Attack on Titan’s Season Finale Wouldn’t Be the Conclusion Elden Ring: the game would hide … Read more

Elden Ring: incredible launch figures! –

Elden Ring incredible launch figures

At the rendezvous of this daily, we dust off exclusive Playstation licenses, new record figures for Elden Ring and finally, images of the live action One Piece Summary PlayStation is about to relaunch 2 old licenses Elden Ring impressive new numbers We have new images of the One Piece series in live action PlayStation is … Read more

Playstation 5: the PSVR 2 is revealed, a revolution to come? –

Playstation 5 the PSVR 2 is revealed a revolution to

On the Daily program, you will have to be patient for Call of Duty 2023, Sony unveils the design of its PSVR2 and Les Daft Punk which broadcasts an old mythical concert on Twitch. Summary Call of Duty 2023: bad news for the impatient Sony unveils the official design of its PSVR2 headset Daft Punk … Read more

Horizon Forbidden West: A sequel that reaches heights on PS4 and PS5? Our video test – Video test –

Horizon Forbidden West A sequel that reaches heights on PS4

Post-apocalyptic universe fans and PS4 / PS5 owners have been waiting for it, it’s finally here. It’s time to test Horizon Forbidden West, the highly anticipated second episode of the Horizon license, launched in 2017 by PlayStation and the Guerrilla studio. A sequel with multiple promises: an even more ambitious universe and narrative, even more … Read more

Lost Ark: chaotic launch, but light at the end of the tunnel? –

Lost Ark chaotic launch but light at the end of

Today in the Daily, we see in detail the ratings given by the press to Horizon: Forbidden West, the launch as chaotic as it is covered with success of Lost Ark and finally PlatinumGames which says it is ready to accept a takeover offer from of Xbox, under one condition. Horizon Forbidden West: what does … Read more

Chronicle 5 things to know: SIFU: The best of fighting in video games made in France –

Chronicle 5 things to know SIFU The best of fighting

The members of Sloclap are passionate about martial arts and that’s saying something. On the occasion of the release of SIFU, the editorial staff of JV exchanged two or three combos with the studios to learn more about this Kung Fu fresco. Summary SIFU in a nutshell A difficult game? The eternal debate An independent … Read more

PS5: Sony is full of new features! –

PS5 Sony is full of new features

On the Daily program, Ubisoft continues to develop its NFTs with the Rabbids license, the PS5 which will be full of new features, and finally Battlefield 2042 which is facing yet another anger from players. Summary NFT: Ubisoft continues its momentum with Rabbids PS5: Sony brings new features to its console Battlefield 2042: A petition … Read more

Is GTA 6 really in development? –

Is GTA 6 really in development

Today in the Daily, we come back to the potential closure of Facebook and Instagram in Europe, the development of a new Grand Theft Auto confirmed by Rockstar, and finally the alleged disappearance of Stadia, Google’s video game streaming service. Summary Facebook: Soon the end in Europe? A confirmed next GTA Google Stadia doomed to … Read more