‘Archenemy’, the film with which Joe Manganiello channeled his anger for not repeating with Deathstroke

Last Friday, December 11, ‘Archenemy’, starring Joe Manganiello and directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer, arrived in US theaters. The American actor was able to resume a role for the world of superheroes in the character of Max Fist, a homeless alcoholic who claims to be a superhero called Chromium, belonging to a dimension other than … Read more

Poker Pro Joe Stapleton Talks Consulting On ‘The Card Counter’ Movie – nonenglishfeed

Joe Stapleton went to Los Angeles with the same dreams as many before him. He wanted to write. He wanted to create. He’s done a bit of stand-up. And like many others before him, his chance to do so came through a personal connection and a lucky draw. In this case, it was with movie … Read more

Taylor Swift and her declaration of love to Joe Alwyn at the Grammy Awards | People

Taylor Swift has broken her usual discretion when it comes to her love life at the Grammy Awards. On Sunday night, the 31-year-old singer won the best album award for Folklore, becoming the first female artist to win the award three times, as she had previously been awarded for her albums Fearless and 1989. In … Read more

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The actuality of Rosamund Pike is the best of all. The actress has starred in one of the most watched Netflix movies, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you”, and she has once again delighted her most loyal fans with her great talent on “Radioactive” playing Madame Curie, also from the streaming giant. However, there … Read more

Joe Manganiello and his exercise routine for Deathstroke

One of the last minute additions to the version of Zack Snyder de Justice League, it was Joe Manganiello What Deathstroke, during the last scene of the apocalyptic future of the DC Universe. This raised even more doubts about whether the man will properly interpret the character in a future film, and it is that … Read more

Joe Keery Shares How Stranger Things Characters Would Fare In Free Guy

Free Guy star Joe Keery shares which Stranger Things characters he thinks would be able to successfully navigate the game world of Free City. Joe Keery has shared which Stranger Things character he thinks would do well in the video game world of Free Guy. The sci-fi action comedy has been one of the few … Read more

Criticism of Snake Eyes the origin. New missed opportunity for GI Joe

Last Friday, August 13, it was released in theaters, Snake Eyes el origen, new reboot of the GI Joe franchise from the spin off of one of its most popular characters Snake Eyes el origen The third film in the franchise based on the action figure franchise known as G.I. Joe from the toy company, … Read more

This is how Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas celebrated the singer’s 32nd birthday

Sophie Turner y Joe Jonas they are experiencing one of their most exciting summers. Although it is the second they spend as parents of their first daughter, Willa, it is this year when you can really enjoy your little one, who has recently turned one year old. And she is not the only one, since … Read more

An Interview with Joe Carducci – nonenglishfeed

Imagine a sweeping, cinematic depiction of the unforgiving American Western landscape, punctuated by the sounds of Black Flag, Minutemen, Hüsker Dü, and Sonic Youth. That’s precisely what I dreamt of when I heard Joe Carducci, former co-owner of SST Records, had written a new collection of short stories set in the panoramic Wild West. In … Read more