Indiana Jones was right all alongside: Research shows the smaller the scorpion, the deadlier

Journal Reference: Alannah Forde, Adam Jacobsen, Michel M. Dugon, Kevin Healy. Scorpion Species with Smaller Body Sizes and Narrower Chelae Have the Highest Venom Potency. Toxins, 2022; 14 (3): 219 DOI: 10.3390/toxins14030219 The scientists tested the theory from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which warned of the dangers of small scorpions, … Read more

With ‘Nitram’, Caleb Landry Jones takes on another challenging role – Reuters News in France and abroad

With Nitram Caleb Landry Jones takes on another challenging role

Until recent events at the Oscars, the most memorable best actor speech of the movie season belonged to Caleb Landry Jones. In July, the Cannes Film Festival presented Jones with its Best Male Actor award for his portrayal of a mass shooter in the Australian drama “Nitram” (now in theaters and digital). The 32-year-old actor … Read more

Jones, Foxx Star in Amazon Movie About Biloxi Legend

Jones Foxx Star in Amazon Movie About Biloxi Legend

By MARY PEREZ, The Sun Herald BILOXI, Miss. (AP) — The story of how former Biloxi Mayor Jerry O’Keefe took down the largest funeral company in North America is being told in an Amazon movie now filming in New Orleans. Tommy Lee Jones is portraying Jeremiah “Jerry” O’Keefe and Jamie Foxx co-stars as Willie E. … Read more

Here’s How to Watch the Indiana Jones Movies In Order

Heres How to Watch the Indiana Jones Movies In Order

Indiana Jones has been capturing ancient artifacts—and our hearts—for more than 40 years. The iconic film series directed by Steven Spielberg is known for its over-the-top plot lines, action-packed scenes, and suspense-building John Williams theme music. Of course, Harrison Ford’s character’s khaki-colored wardrobe, wide-brimmed hat, and mischievous grin are also pretty darn memorable. The Indiana … Read more

From Indiana Jones to Wolverine: the undated games to discover in 2022

From Indiana Jones to Wolverine the undated games to discover

Last year, there were many teasers and vague announcements: 2022 will have to be the year of confirmations for many interesting projects. 2021 may have been a disaster, but at least it went away quickly, didn’t it? Who would have thought that playing video games and leaving the house so rarely would have made time … Read more

Jones loses his father’s ashes on the pitch, but not the way to the end zone

Jones loses his fathers ashes on the pitch but not

The running back loses the pendant with the remains of his father but scores 4 td and the Packers win Monday Night with Detroit. Roethlisberger in obvious difficulty Second day that overturns many impressions left by the first, gives some confirmation and – like every year – postpones at least to the fourth day the … Read more