Interview with Lily Collins: daughter of a rock star, journalist, writer and anorexia survivor, this is the actress of “Emily in Paris”

Although right now he is on everyone’s lips for his starring role in Emily in Paris, the daughter of Phil Collins – who dedicated the song of Tarzan You’ll be in my heart– He’s been acting since he was a baby, literally. And even though graduated in Journalism and has written books and columns, is … Read more

“He did something unthinkable, but we did not glorify the tragedy”: Rebecca Hall speaks, the actress who plays Christine Chubbuck, the journalist who committed suicide live on TV

February 3, 2016 Image source, Instituto Sundance Caption, The story of Christine Chubbuck (played by Rebecca Hall) made a huge impact in America. The film “Christine” about the tragic history of an American journalist, Christine Chubbuck, who committed suicide live on TV 40 years ago, is breaking into festivals. Many bet that its lead actress, … Read more