Trento, first joy with super Caroline. Brindisi bends Tortona in the sprint

Trento first joy with super Caroline Brindisi bends Tortona in

In the postponement of the third day the Dolomites fold Vanoli and enjoy the debut of the US winger, immediately decisive with 19 points and 8 rebounds. Second internal knockout of Bertram who must yield to the Apulians dragged by Perkins (26 points, personal best in Serie A) Andrea Orsolin-Stefano Brocchetti October 9 – Milano … Read more

Alpine skiing: joy as Puchner’s recipe for success

Alpine skiing joy as Puchners recipe for success

Speculations as to whether her story of suffering prevented a longer career do not play a role for her in any case. “I’m happy when I don’t hear anything about it,” said the 29-year-old. “At some point after all these years it will be enough and you will lose yourself at some point. I’m just … Read more