What Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Casting Taught Kevin Feige

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine casting was originally controversial, and it happened to teach Kevin Feige a valuable lesson for the MCU. Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine casting taught Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige a valuable lesson early on his career. Now known as two of the bigger names in the world of superhero movies, Hugh Jackman and Kevin Feige’s … Read more

Executive Producer Kevin Kolde reviews series finale with season 4

Kevin Kolde gave an interview in which he discussed the development and completion of Castlevania, as well as the future of this universe. After four seasons Castlevania has finally reached its conclusion. If a few days ago we reviewed what we could expect from the last season, now we bring the final opinion of its … Read more

Kevin Bacon, 63, and wife Kyra Sedgwick, 56, look cosy at screening of Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast

Kevin Bacon, 63, and wife Kyra Sedgwick, 56, look cosy as they stand arm-in-arm at New York screening of Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast Belfast is Kenneth’s semi-autobiographical story of growing up in Northern Ireland in the late 60s It is billed as ‘chronicling the life of a working class family and their young son’s childhood during … Read more

Kevin Feige Has High Hopes With MCU’s Moon Knight, Say Oscar Isaac

Presently, Moon Knight has the Kevin Feige’s nod of approval, said by star Oscar Isaac. The MCU has celebrated a pretty huge 2021, but things are just about to get even bigger next year. With four films and several more Disney+ shows on the way, Marvel fans will not be complaining about the lack of … Read more

Kevin Garnett and Adam Sandler connect for Wilt Chamberlain documentary

Kevin Garnett (Image source: Instagram – @tic_pix) Kevin Garnett appears to have caught the Hollywood bug after starring alongside Adam Sandler in 2019 blockbuster hit Uncut Gems. The retired NBA champion and former Boston Celtic launched his new production company, Content Cartel Studios, which recently struck a first-look deal with Village Roadshow Entertainment. The first-look … Read more

Kevin Costner’s series finally arrives

No one is hot on Kevin Costner’s heels in ‘Yellowstone’. Airing on Paramount Network since January 18. Paramount Network premieres in Spain this modern western starring Kevin Costner and created by Taylor Sheridan, director of ‘Comanchería’. Premiere January 18. This January will mean the arrival in Spain of Yellowstone, the series starring Kevin Costner which … Read more

Evan Peters reveals his character idea came from Kevin Feige

WandaVision: Evan Peters reveals that the idea for his character was Kevin Feige Something that identified WandaVision (95%), which would mean the debut of the television series belonging to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Disney Plus, was the whole turn that was given to the style that Marvel Studios had been managing for years where … Read more

Kevin Feige Feels Good About MCU’s Moon Knight, Says Oscar Isaac

Moon Knight so far has all the makings of a great Marvel series, as star Oscar Isaac says it takes big swings and already has Kevin Feige’s approval. As of right now, Moon Knight has the Kevin Feige stamp of approval, according to star Oscar Isaac. The MCU has enjoyed a pretty big 2021, but … Read more

Watch MLB and Kevin Costner’s emotional tribute to Field of Dreams

The normal thing is that the cinema adapts true stories and represents them on the big screen. They are those films that usually seduce the public with the label “Based on real events.” Without fiction, the verisimilitude pact is even closer. However, this week the sport may have spawned one of the few, if not … Read more

Spectral Motion’s Kevin McTurk Discusses Bringing Gabriel to Life for James Wan’s MALIGNANT

Editor’s note: MALIGNANT spoilers ahead! Turn back now, all ‘ye who have yet to watch. As for the rest of you — enjoy. For special effects artists and creators, one of the biggest hopes that they have is that at some point in their career, they are able to create a character that not only … Read more