Netflix | “The Army of the Dead”: Dave Bautista gives us the keys to “Army of Dead” | Zack Snyder | Zombies | VIDEO | SKIP-ENTER

According to the criteria of Know more After the success of the “Snyder cut” of “Justice League”, the popular film director released a new film, and although it seems impossible, it is an even more ambitious and risky. “The army of the dead” (or “Army of the Dead”, as in its original title), in addition … Read more

Jon Favreau reveals the keys to the hit Disney + series

Those who begin to enjoy this November 17 the contents of Disney+ in Latin America they will undoubtedly put their eyes on one of the contents in particular: The Mandalorian. And it is that the spin-off of the saga of Star Wars In serial format, it has already become the “workhorse” for the new streaming … Read more

The keys to the success of “Guilty” and other psychological thrillers where a call catches the viewer from the first minute

As much as streaming monopolizes the wide tastes that exist in the world, not all movies manage to hold on to the top for a long time. Some even do not appear as trends. Culpable, directed by Antoine Fuqua and headed by Jake Gyllenhaal, has been occupying spaces among the most viewed for several days. … Read more

Salma Hayek and her keys to wearing tight jeans

The hyper-successful Mexican actress on the big screen, Salma Hayek, is known for her great style and for always looking flawless, elegant and chic. Not only on the red carpets, but she is usually shown on the streets with stylish outfits, well accompanied by luxury accessories and always, with her natural loose hair. Of course, … Read more

The 6 keys to Gwyneth Paltrow’s beauty routine

Gwyneth Paltrow He turned 49 and decided to celebrate it naturally. With a nude photo in her bathtub, outdoors. Gwyneth is definitely someone else. More mature, more complex, and also more natural. The actress is encouraged to analyze the effects of the passage of time and the risk of deforming surgeries. We tell you how … Read more

The keys to ‘The Lost Daughter’, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s debut with Olivia Colman for Netflix

Related news One more year, Netflix goes fishing to Venice festival. The streaming platform will premiere the film around the world The Lost Daughter, the directorial debut of the actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, who will compete next September for the Golden Lion. Olivia Colman and the american Dakota Johnson they are the protagonists of one of … Read more

All the keys ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’, the first Millarworld superhero series on Netflix

Superheroes are life insurance for platforms. Disney+ has to Marvel as a spearhead, and his first two original series have been the success that was expected. On HBO Max they will have the entire DC universe; and the last weeks it seemed that only the cut of the director of Zack Snyder upon The Justice … Read more

“Star Wars Vision” conquers Disney +: 5 keys to understanding the long-awaited animated series

Released on September 26, “Star Wars: Visions” has arrived to conquer the fans of the mythical saga «Star Wars» al embraces the mystery and magic of anime; this new and ambitious animated series in Disney+ crosses the stories of the galactic saga with the essence and unique style of the animation Japanese. «It is exciting … Read more