From being abused to being a serial killer, the violent life of Aileen Carol Pittman

Aileen Carol Pittman, also known as Sandra Kretsch, Susan Lynn Blahovec, Lee Blahovec, Cammie Marsh Greene or Lori Kristine Grody according to her escape needs, she was born on February 29, 1956 in Rochester, Michigan, United States. By the time his brother Keith was one year old, but at the same time his parents had … Read more

The Boys star shares Killer Homelander’s ‘Zoomies’ mashup

A hilarious “Zoomies” -style video has hit the internet showing Homelander’s many takeoffs throughout The Boys from Amazon Prime Video. The video was posted by Homelander himself, Antony Starr, and ties together Homelander’s many abrupt exits throughout the series. However, while most of the clips show the hero on the run, the video ends with … Read more

Bill Hader, the man behind Barry’s killer success

It appeared without noise and ended up making more noise than the big tanks of the year. Barry, the mini-series that HBO premiered last year, debuted with a first season that filled everyone with praise and awards, but especially Bill Hader. The comedian, veteran of the legendary show Saturday Night LiveAt the age of 40, … Read more

a killer seeks revenge in the Netflix action movie

Although it was part of movies like Gemini Project and Birds of prey in adrenaline-pumping roles, so far Mary Elizabeth Winstead he hadn’t played the main figure in an action movie. Something that definitely changes today with Kate. Netflix’s original feature film, directed by the French Cedric Nicolas-Troyan (The hunter and the ice princess), which … Read more