Disney+ is killing the blockbuster movie with its identikit mega-hits | Movies

It’s a shame the German-American philosopher Herbert Marcuse died in 1979, because he would have loved Disney+. Not because he might have been a secret Muppets obsessive, thrilled to have their collected work available in one place; nor because he’d caught the Star Wars Holiday Special in the year before his death and pined for … Read more

Marvel Teases Killing Spider-Man & Doctor Strange Before No Way Home

Prior to their MCU team-up in No Way Home, Marvel Comics is teasing the deaths of Peter Parker’s Spider-Man and Doctor Strange in major events. From the looks of a new trailer and images from Marvel Comics, the deaths of both Peter Parker’s Spider-Man and Doctor Strange are being teased before their MCU team-up in Spider-Man: No … Read more

5 keys to ‘the Killing’, the television ‘Seven’ that comes to Disney +

Disney + adds to its catalog the four seasons of ‘The Killing’, the North American adaptation of one of the greats of ‘Nordic Noir’. We review the keys that made this version one of the best criminal series that have reached our screens in recent years. By Series lists – 29 Jul 2021 Bail, Source … Read more