Critica a “Halloween Kills” (2021) de David Gordon Green

Review of “Halloween Kills” by David Gordon Green, with Jamie Lee Curtis and Judy Greer. John Carpenter’s horror thriller Halloween, which was released in 1978, became a classic of the genre and, inspired by the Italian cinema Giallo, founded the sub-genre of the film Slasher U.S. In several sequels, the story about superhuman killer Michael … Read more

Jamie Lee Curtis stars in ‘Halloween Kills’ .: “My mother would have interpreted #MeToo as a betrayal of Hollywood”

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis in ‘Halloween Kills’. The daughter of Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis takes up in ‘Halloween Kills’ the character created by John Carpenter in 1978, who made her queen of terror: “I won the lottery when I was twenty years old” Jamie Lee Curtis (Santa Monica, 1958), daughter of Hollywood legends Janet … Read more

Anthony Michael Hall reveals that The Brat Pack never existed and why he’s excited to play the hero in ‘Halloween Kills’

Anthony Michael Hall. Riker Bros Hall spoke to Insider and revealed how The Brat Pack in the 1980s was nothing but a media ploy. He also spoke about his role in “Halloween Kills,” out Friday. Hall also shared how he regrets not taking the lead in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” When Anthony Michael Hall burst … Read more

Dune, Halloween Kills, HBO Max, Peacock? Where to stream movies in theaters now

Zendaya stars in Dune, which is streaming on HBO Max. Chiabella James/Warner Bros. This year has been unprecedented in the number of new theatrical movies made available to stream online the same day they hit cinemas. HBO Max, in particular, has become synonymous with the practice. And HBO Max is already streaming what is expected … Read more

‘Halloween Kills’, ‘Invasion’, Lovecraft for kids and much more

From the return of a true psycho-killer myth to theaters to the new series of invasions on Apple TV +, going through two unsuspected reformulations (in manga and child code) of Lovecraft. The weekend will have its good and bad things, but these 13 that we present in our agenda of plans for the weekend … Read more

‘Halloween Kills’ shares the billboard with ‘The French Chronicle’ and ‘Ron makes a mistake’

.. ‘Halloween Kills‘, the new film in the Michael Myers saga, is created by the same team of filmmakers responsible for the 2018 blockbuster based on the original characters of John Carpenter and Debra Hill. The film is directed by David Gordon Green and starring again by Jamie Lee Curtis which will be accompanied by … Read more

‘Halloween Kills’, ‘Ben’s Return’, ‘Infinite’ and more

The penultimate weekend of October is about to start, something that in Espinof we are going to take advantage of to do our review of the most outstanding films that you will be able to see these days in your nearest cinema, some streaming platform, for sale in physical format and with general open access … Read more

‘Halloween Kills’, ‘The French Chronicle’, ‘Ron makes a mistake’ and ‘Supernova’ stand out among the weekend’s movie premieres – Movie News

The documentary ‘Who prevents it’ and the film by Fernando Fernán Gómez, ‘The strange journey’, are two of the titles that you can also find on the billboard. A new weekend arrives, and with it the cinemas are dressed up to receive the wave of premieres. This Friday, one of the mythical faces of terror … Read more

‘Halloween Kills’: 10 Movies Where You Can Also See Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is back with his iconic character in ‘Halloween Kills’, but beyond being Laurie, he has several movies that you have surely already seen or should see. Producer, actress and writer, throughout her career Jamie Lee Curtis has shown that there is nothing she cannot do, no role that is too small for … Read more