Kuchta is pleased with how Lokomotiv chose him. Slavia? I’m not a sheep. I called when I didn’t like something – Sport.cz

Kuchta is pleased with how Lokomotiv chose him Slavia Im

Slavia can look forward to more than 100 million crowns flowing into the box office for the sale of Jan Kuchta, but at the same time losing its elite striker. The quirky shooter completed a successful mission in Eden. “I’ve shut some doubters,” Kuchta said, and he bravely goes into his new job at Lokomotiv … Read more

RAJNOCH’S GLOSSARY: Kuchta deserved a transfer. I don’t understand Karviná’s cleansing or plans – Sport.cz

RAJNOCHS GLOSSARY Kuchta deserved a transfer I dont understand Karvinas

Slavia made the biggest winter sale when she released Kuchta to Russia. He went through Teplice, Bohemka, Liberec and did not have the best references. Football has not come first for him for a long time. He was only compared by coach Hoftych in Liberec and the next part of the work was done by … Read more