Laura Dern dedicates the Oscar to two Hollywood legends, her parents, Diana Ladd and Bruce Dern

It has been a long time since the interpretive awards were as sung as this year. And it is that after Brad Pitt won the Oscar for best supporting actor, it was the turn of Laura Dern that, fulfilling all the forecasts, was made with the first statuette of his career for his work in … Read more

Laura Dern, the Oscar nominee for her relentless lawyer in “Story of a Marriage” leaves her charm on “Little Women”

They say that the third time is the charm and that opportunity could earn her her first Oscar as Best Supporting Actress. Laura Dern She is 52 years old and has a career that began as a child, when she looked at her mother determined that she would dedicate herself to acting. Daughter of actors … Read more

‘Love Actually’: The tender anecdote behind the story starring Laura Linney and Rodrigo Santoro

We do not know if it will be because of the mastery of Richard Curtis or because of his cross stories with a bittersweet touch and double hope, but the truth is that since ‘Love Actually’ was released in 2003, it has become a must-have for Christmas. We all jump on the bandwagon of his … Read more

Laura Samani’s stark fairy tale Small Body is selected for Cannes

PRODUCTION / FUNDING Italy / France / Slovenia by Vittoria Scarpa 09/06/2021 – An Italian-French-Slovenian co-production steered by Nefertiti Film, the Trieste-born director’s debut feature will take part in the 60th edition of Cannes’ Critics’ Week Celeste Cescutti in Small Body A stark fairy tale set in northeast Italy at the beginning of the 1900s, revolving around … Read more

Wanted for Tax Evasion, Laura Bozzo Shares a Wardrobe with Michelle Obama and Julia Roberts | News from Mexico

MEXICO.- The Peruvian driver who is currently involved in legal problems for tax evasion, has worn on several occasions prestigious designer clothes that have costs of thousands of dollars. Even came to wear the same clothes as the former first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. Recently, the followers of the host have emphasized … Read more

Why in the newsroom we are huge fans of Laura Dern

At 52, Laura Dern is at its best. The actress of Big Little Lies has won the Golden Globe for best supporting actress for Story of a marriage, the Noah Baumbach film that is on everyone’s lips, and her role as a divorce lawyer promises to continue to give her much joy. So much so … Read more

“You are my true legend”: Laura Dern and her mother’s emotional tears after winning the Oscar | Celebrities, Vips

Laura Dern won the Oscar for best supporting actress for Story of a marriage. An award motivated by an apotheosis (and viral) speech on the syndrome of the Virgin Mary Mothers, where the divorce lawyer Nora Fanshaw, whom he interprets, exposes her opposition to social expectations and the pressure exerted on mothers, those who are … Read more

When Laura Dern was blacklisted in Hollywood for playing a lesbian

The name of Laura Dern it is on everyone’s lips. The brand-new winner of the Oscar for best supporting actress for playing a combative lawyer specializing in divorces in Story of a marriage he is living his best professional stage in more than 40 years of his career. Not only for the well-deserved Oscar that … Read more