Creators’ Legal Takes Flight: First-ever Legal Platform For the Creator Economy | National News

SILICON VALLEY, Calif., Sept. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Creators’ Legal, the first-ever legal platform built specifically for content creators, offering a wide-range of industry standard contracts and the ability to sign, track and store agreements in a digital briefcase, has just launched at, it was announced today by Eric Farber, Founder & CEO of … Read more

Jude Law at the Talented Mr. Ripley: how to wear the look for less than $ 2,000 MXN

Jude Law it has been the bearer of unforgettable styles. Few are the ribbons that permeate the way of appreciating the style or the way in which the wardrobe manages to become a statement and even in trend. And it is that fashion and the seventh art walk hand in hand to make possible contexts … Read more

Jude Law: this is Rafferty Law, the successful son of the actor who follows in his footsteps and is his exact copy | Spoiler

Jude Law is one of the great actors of the last decades for being part of great titles such as A. I. Artificial Intelligence, The Aviator, Sherlock Holmes, Hugo, El Gran Hotel Budapest and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. In addition, he is currently one of the most important faces of the Fantastic Animals … Read more

‘Justice for J6’ organizer calls on demonstrators to respect law enforcement

Matt Braynard, organizer of Saturday’s “Justice for J6” rally in Washington, D.C., called on demonstrators present on Capitol Hill to respect law enforcement. “There are uniformed officers here whom I demand you respect, you’re kind to, you’re respectful to and you’re obedient to,” Braynard told rally-goers. “They’re here to keep us safe and we’re counting … Read more

Raylan’s Law, the best series you have available on AXN NOW

The volume of series premieres has grown so much in recent years that we are always overwhelmed by the frenetic pace of weekly news. As we have missed many interesting titles while they were on air, their arrival in the catalogs of the on-demand platforms is a good opportunity to recover them, and that moment … Read more