From Cameron Diaz to Kiefer Sutherland, Hollywood stars who stop acting and choose other activities

The success and fame that so many desire, for them ended up being a hindrance. Therefore, there are several Hollywood stars who began to choose to leave acting, dedicate themselves to something else and get out of the spotlight. The most recent case is that of Tom Hardy, who announced that after the confinement forced … Read more

These celebrities are clear that they will not leave a penny in inheritance to their children

“I think that inheritance is a very low taste,” British actor Daniel Craig said in an interview. He was not lacking in reason, because none of his children (She, 29, nor the two-year-old boy from his marriage to fellow actress Rachel Weisz), will enjoy his millionaire fortune if it depended on him. According to the … Read more

How Danai Gurira had to leave Michonne and ‘the Walking Dead’ behind to fulfill her life’s dream

The actress will stop playing the charismatic character in the current tenth season of the series but, after knowing her motivations, you will be looking forward to it. AMC Yes, the second half of the tenth season of The Walking Dead will tackle the war against the Whisperers and promises to be really intense, but … Read more

‘I care a lot’, a ‘dodgy’ thriller of those that leave a bad body

The actress Rosamund Pike shows once again that when she is bad she is “much better” in a film by J. Blakeson that contrasts evil with the vulnerability of the elderly Said the charismatic actress May West (1893-1980) that of “When I am good, I am very good; but when I’m bad, I’m better “, … Read more

Przemyk and Floyd Cases Similar, Says ‘Leave No Traces’ Helmer

Dedicated to the story that shook up Poland in 1983, when high-schooler Grzegorz Przemyk was beaten to death by militia, Venice’s main competition entry “Leave No Traces” is not your usual historical movie, argued helmer Jan P. Matuszyński during the press conference. “I see parallels between the case of Grzegorz Przemyk and the case of … Read more

Criticism of the film Escape Room 2 You die to leave

Puzzles that seem impossible, tension in the armchair and new characters is what awaits us in this second installment entitled ‘Escape Room 2: You die to get out’. The film, directed by Adam Robitel, hits theaters this Friday, August 13, 2021 and features the return of Zoey (Taylor Russell) and Ben (Logan Miller), the survivors … Read more