Handball EM: Germany loses against Norway – semi-finals hardly possible

Handball EM Germany loses against Norway semi finals hardly possible

At the same time, Norway must also lose against Spain, and on Tuesday the Norwegians must not win against Sweden. Then, if the Swedes win, there will be a three-way comparison of the three nations. In the event of a draw between Sweden and Norway, the Germans would then go straight through. German coverage annoys … Read more

Golden State overflows and discovers a jewel, Chicago sinks and loses Lavine

Golden State overflows and discovers a jewel Chicago sinks and

The rookie Kuminga protagonist in 138-96 with which the Warriors are reborn after the flop in Milwaukee 24 hours earlier. For the Bulls second heavy knockout in a row with the star’s injury worrying After being lost in Milwaukee, the Warriors find themselves in Chicago, overwhelming 138-96 with a metamorphosis that has not been seen … Read more

Miressi and 4×100 mixed gold, Martinenghi silver! Paltrinieri loses medal and record

Miressi and 4x100 mixed gold Martinenghi silver Paltrinieri loses medal

Wonderful the Turin in the 100 sl: victory and Italian primacy. Then he does an encore in the relay with Mora, Rivolta and Martinenghi. Nicolò in the 50 frog beaten by only 2 cents. Greg is fourth and passes the world record in the 1500s to Wellbrock. Italy finishes 3rd with 16 medals (5 golds, … Read more

Jones loses his father’s ashes on the pitch, but not the way to the end zone

Jones loses his fathers ashes on the pitch but not

The running back loses the pendant with the remains of his father but scores 4 td and the Packers win Monday Night with Detroit. Roethlisberger in obvious difficulty Second day that overturns many impressions left by the first, gives some confirmation and – like every year – postpones at least to the fourth day the … Read more

Salzburg celebrates victory, KAC loses after a penalty shoot-out

HK Olimpija Ljubljana’s two closest pursuers took advantage of the league leader’s slip the day before in the bet-at-home ICE Hockey League on Sunday and shortened the gap. Hydro Fehervar AV19 defended second place with a 4-0 win at Steinbach Black Wings Linz, while Red Bull Salzburg, third in the table, also took three points … Read more

Bologna flies very high: Svanberg punishes Roma. And Mou loses Abraham for Inter

Bologna flies very high Svanberg punishes Roma And Mou loses

The goal of the Swede was decisive. Skorupski parries everything. The English striker and Karsdorp will miss the match against Inter. Miha’s team hooks Juve in the standings Let’s put it this way: if at the moment the first four have made a void for the race for the Champions League, the fight for the … Read more

World Cup bronze as a consolation: Boll just loses the semi-finals

World Cup bronze as a consolation Boll just loses the

For Timo Boll it was simply not enough for more than the second individual bronze medal at a World Cup. Badly affected by a painful abdominal muscle injury, the 40-year-old lost in Houston to the 19-year-old Swede Truls Möregardh 3: 4 (11: 8, 11: 8, 6:11, 8:11, 12:10, 8:11, 5th : 11) and missed the … Read more

Sparta – Liberec 2: 1, Sparta defeated Liberec and loses five points to the leader Slavia – Sport.cz

Sparta Liberec 2 1 Sparta defeated Liberec and loses

The Letna team, who lost to Slovakia 0: 4 a week ago, thus compensating for their highest defeat in a separate league, entered in special jerseys, which commemorated the 128th anniversary of their founding. The people of Prague wore white jerseys with a distinctive black “S” on the chest. The club thus referred to the … Read more