Miles Teller and the Top Gun: Maverick routine to gain a lot of muscle

A Miles Teller we all remember them as the music student who is so obsessed with becoming the best drummer, who accepts the abuse and put-downs of a tyrannical teacher in Whiplash, the movie of Damien Chazelle which won 3 of the 5 nominations for the 2015 Oscars. Before that, Teller had already appeared in … Read more

The Suicide Squad Gag Reel Shows Margot Robbie Ruining a Lot of Takes

The Suicide Squad cast and crew definitely had a ton of fun making the DC film if the recently-released gag reel is any indication. While the film itself is very comedic, this behind-the-scenes snippet shows the kinship the cast developed amongst themselves while filming the blockbuster. It also potentially reveals the deeper role that was … Read more

David Carroll’s book ‘Hello, Chattanooga’ will settle a lot of bets

Contributed photo / David Carroll has written “Hello, Chattanooga: Famous People Who Have Visited the Tennessee Valley.” David Carroll says writing a column some years ago about all the people who performed at McKenzie Arena at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga seemed like a fairly simple and straightforward idea, and for the most part … Read more

‘I care a lot’, a ‘dodgy’ thriller of those that leave a bad body

The actress Rosamund Pike shows once again that when she is bad she is “much better” in a film by J. Blakeson that contrasts evil with the vulnerability of the elderly Said the charismatic actress May West (1893-1980) that of “When I am good, I am very good; but when I’m bad, I’m better “, … Read more