Chris Evans would be in love with a famous actress: all the details

celebrities Chris Evans took a wrong step and the fans wouldn’t let him pass. Find out who is the actress who would have captured the heart of the legendary Captain America. By Noelia Rios 25-09-2021 – 12:24hs UTC Celebrities © GettyChris Evans Despite the fact that his name has already been disassociated from Marvel, Chris … Read more

Margot Robbie’s last step: “I love playing this version of Harley Quinn”

Sharon Tate, Queen Elizabeth I and Jane Porter – Tarzan’s girlfriend – qualify as names inserted in the collective imagination. In North America at least, American skater Tonya Harding and her sad story continued to be remembered until not so long ago. All the aforementioned were played in a span of three years by Margot … Read more

‘Bennifer’: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, the second part of a love story that everyone wants to be true | People

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were a couple between 2002 and 2004, but their love story went beyond the personal to become the object of global attention, in line with the golden moment that their careers lived. The fervor reached so much, nourished by their posed together at events and red carpets, that a term … Read more

‘Calendar love’: Will there be a sequel to the Netflix movie? – Movie news

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What does imprint mean in Twilight? How werewolves ‘falling in love’ actually works

Netflix has finally put the entire Twilight series on their platform, but a couple concepts have baffled the viewers, namely ‘imprinting’. It’s 2021, there’s no shame in loving Twilight. Whether you’re now a grown woman or a man in his thirties, you can watch Edward Cullen and Bella Swan fall in love all over again, … Read more

New photos of Camila Mendes and Charles Melton from “Riverdale” reconciled and in love

New photos of Camila Mendes and Charles Melton from “Riverdale” reconciled and in love By: Drafting mui August 22, 2021 22:43 hs It seems that the new relationship between Camila Mendes and Charles Melton going more than good. Let us remember that their reconciliation was reported last June, after separating two years ago. On Friday … Read more

‘High Life’ Is A Mesmerizing Sci-Fi Film In Which A Despairing Robert Pattinson Learns To Love Again

There’s a line of voice-over narration that I think helps to unlock “High Life,” the great French filmmaker Claire Denis’ mesmerizing, occasionally inscrutable foray into science fiction. The picture takes place on a prison ship rocketing out of our solar system toward a black hole, where death row inmates have volunteered as guinea pigs for … Read more

Ray Liotta: ‘Why haven’t I worked with Scorsese since Goodfellas? You’d have to ask him. I’d love to’

I am a little trepidatious ahead of my interview with Ray Liotta because the reviews, shall we say, are mixed. Not about his acting, which has been accoladed and adored from his first major film role, as Melanie Griffith’s crazy ex in 1986’s Something Wild, for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe. No, … Read more

Super 8: 10 Years Later, J.J. Abrams Looks Back on His His Love Letter to Spielberg

Marking its 10th anniversary this June, Super 8 was released at a crossroads for writer/director J.J. Abrams. Heck, Lost hadn’t even been off the air for a year. Mega-producer Abrams was just a super-producer (these are industry terms) at the time, and was coming off his hugely successful Star Trek reboot at Paramount after having … Read more

‘Fast 9’ star Sung Kang ‘would love some epic scene’ with Jason Statham in the next movie – nonenglishfeed

Sung Kang says he’d love to be in an “epic scene” with Jason Statham in “Fast 10.” Insider “F9” star Sung Kang tells Insider he wants an epic scene with Jason Statham in the next movie. Kang’s character, Han, returned to the franchise after Deckard Shaw (Statham) seemingly killed him. Han paid Shaw a visit … Read more