Melting land-based ice raises sea levels globally but can produce lowered levels locally

Journal Reference: Douglas A. Kurtze. Gravitational effects of ice sheets on sea level. American Journal of Physics, 2022; 90 (5): 351 DOI: 10.1119/5.0067924 In American Journal of Physics, by AIP Publishing, a researcher from Saint Joseph’s University illustrates this effect through a series of calculations, beginning with a simple, analytically tractable model and progressing through … Read more

T. rex’s short arms may have lowered risk of bites during feeding frenzies

Journal Reference: KEVIN PADIAN. Why tyrannosaur forelimbs were so short: an integrative hypothesis. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, 2022; 67 DOI: 10.4202/app.00921.2021 He would usually list a range of paleontologists’ proposed hypotheses — for mating, for holding or stabbing prey, for tipping over a Triceratops — but his students, usually staring a lifesize replica in the face, … Read more

Cholesterol levels sustainably lowered using base editing

Journal Reference: Tanja Rothgangl, Melissa K. Dennis, Paulo J. C. Lin, Rurika Oka, Dominik Witzigmann, Lukas Villiger, Weihong Qi, Martina Hruzova, Lucas Kissling, Daniela Lenggenhager, Costanza Borrelli, Sabina Egli, Nina Frey, Noëlle Bakker, John A. Walker, Anastasia P. Kadina, Denis V. Victorov, Martin Pacesa, Susanne Kreutzer, Zacharias Kontarakis, Andreas Moor, Martin Jinek, Drew Weissman, Markus … Read more