The actors of ‘Friends’ meet again this Thursday in a special program

Seventeen years after your goodbye the six stars of “Friends” reunite in a special program that premieres HBO Max this Thursday and that mixes moments of great nostalgia and emotion for the fans, with some filler sections and guests that have very little to do with the series. Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross. … Read more

Meet FOX 17 News anchor Max Goldwasser

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — You might have noticed a new face on FOX 17 News this week. Meet Max Goldwasser, our newest FOX 17 News anchor! Here are ten things you should know about Max. 1) Max was born and raised in Hidden Hills, a small suburb about an hour north of Los Angeles. Even … Read more

Netflix: ‘The Crown’, meet the new faces of the fifth season | People | Entertainment

Filming would begin in July 2021 and the chosen actors are already showing their enthusiasm. Royal fans were thrilled with the announcement of the fifth season of The Crown on Netflix. According to various media, production will begin in July 2021 in London and its premiere in 2022, but still no exact official release date. … Read more

Jennifer Aniston confesses the six requirements that her future partner must meet

Jennifer Aniston is ready to love again. The actress has spoken about her love life in a radio interview on the program Lunch with Bruce. While confirming that she was not dating anyone, she has confessed that she was already open to dating for the first time after her split with Justin Theroux, her ex-husband, … Read more

Meet Wilmot’s Pharmacists: Mostly Behind the Scenes, They Ensure Safety and Change Lives

On Wilmot Cancer Center’s seventh floor, Carissa Treptow stands at a computer on wheels, scrolling through patient charts, looking for drug interactions and medication changes. A pharmacist with advanced training in oncology, she’s on morning rounds with an attending physician, medical resident, nurse practitioner, and oncology nurses. Their patients are being treated in the hospital … Read more

Goodbye Monogamy: Meet Hollywood Couples With Open Relationships | Monogamy | Hollywood | Open relationships | SHOWS

The monogamy is increasingly seen as an option and as a rule of yesteryear and the stars of Hollywood prove it, because some couples They maintain an open relationship, accepting the challenge that this means for them. Phrases like “love is not a prison” or “Who said that human beings are monogamous?” They are clear … Read more

Meet the NOTORIOUS Soviet defector who single-handedly sparked the Cold War

A man in an eerie white mask covering his entire face sits in a dark studio. His odd looks are broadcasted all over the U.S. so that every household with a TV set can watch and listen to what the man behind the mask has to say in English with a Russian accent. “Do you … Read more